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Whatever happened to ikkyu2?

He/she was an askme god/goddess (see these threads for classics), and I miss their contribution. If anyone knows them, have them give a shoutout to let us know they are OK. Even better, have them join back up so they can sow their wisdom once more.
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His last two MetaTalk comments explain his decision to depart the community. He has a rarely-updated LiveJournal blog.
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I think this was actually kind of a big thing. He left because, as a doctor, he was kind of fed up with people offering unqualified medical advice in AskMe (or at least that was my understanding from the aftermath). His sign-off comment is here.
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Second last comment explains the departure, as I recall he was pretty upset at bad medical advice being allowed to stand around here.
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This should probably be closed before it goes somewhere we don't need.
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Into the jaws of the beast, you mean?
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His humours were unbalanced, so he took some time off.
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This barely fits your question, as it looks like they just stopped being active, but: Can we include a note on the disable account doohickey that says "Your profile page will still be around even after you've left. Please consider adding an email address so users can find you."

(This might exist already. I haven't tried to close my account. But I have tried to email Lovecraft In Brooklyn to thank him for something and wah.)
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If you find yourself falling into the jaws of the beast, apply honey liberally to your midsection. It's good for your skin!
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Yeah, it was sort of a rough departure honestly, his prerogative but not really something that there's anything new to talk about and not something that we really felt great about the specific execution of in terms of how he made his exit. He's, as noted, still around on the internet for folks who feel like corresponding.
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troika, I believe once you disable your account the system hides a lot of profile data so peoplen can't leave mean "burn in hell, jerks!" goodbye messages in their profile forever and so they won't be harassed by someone continuing whatever argument made the person hit the big red button in the first place. As much as I'd enjoy the drama that would inevitably result if that policy was changed, I think it's probably a wise move to place every disabled profile under such restrictions regardless of whether the departure was acrimonious or not.
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OH that is a GOOD POINT. Like most of my ideas, I hadn't really thought it through...
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I remember his departure. It's not a great memory. The MetaTalk thread explains it all.
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This is the ikkyu2 thread that I always remember. Bonus: thread also contains the recipe for the stunningly delicious McQueen cocktail.
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The best ikkyu2 comment is no longer on the site, sadly.
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Let's stop this. It is at least the second if not third rehashing of a long gone guy.
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But I liked how he took down the guy who posted some dumb self-link about Howard Stern.

What was so weird about that was that it was tsarfan's 80th or so FPP after 5 or 6 years of being an active member here.
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He's around. His wife is still active on MetaChat. I'm going to close this up. People who want to track him down can find him. For future reference, please email us first for this sort of thing.
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