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Webmonkey (which I constantly forget still exists) has a new piece up today that seems like it might be of interest here: The Weblog Tool Roundup.
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I didn't read every word of that over-long article, but I noticed there was no reference to PostNuke or PHPNuke. I'm planning to give postnuke a spin this weekend, but I'm curious if anyone here has any experience with it? It's a bit more involved than your basic weblog package, but from what I've seen, it's capable of much more. And it's open source.
posted by jpoulos at 7:11 AM on May 2, 2002

I would go for PostNuke, it's more refined and easier to understand than PHPNuke. PostNuke's code is better documented than any of the other PHPNuke-based CMS.

I had a site called safetyplace.org (don't check, it's dead) a few months back that got hacked because of a vulnerable script in the admin section. I believe it got fixed, so check a couple of the Nuke sites to make sure.

Also, it might be overkill for a typical weblog. NewsPro, or MT, or a few other might be better for your typical blog. I used NewsPro too but I went back to Blogger.
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I finished reading the "Roundup" and really it all comes down to personal preference, some people like Chevy's some like BMWs. Some will fight for the merits of Radio while a lot will fight for Moveable Type. Join the bandwagon...a lot of the weblog tools gather a movement of "hipness". It's always fun to sit back and poke at the giant. Like I said in my previous post I use BloggerPro. I tried the others, and didn't like em' so I went back.
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I thought Mr. Fireland did a great job with that article - thought it could've been longer, even. I learned! I laughed!

...and I shamelessly plugged MT yet again!
posted by D at 8:57 AM on May 2, 2002

Joshua Allen can make anything sound interesting.
posted by iconomy at 10:54 AM on May 2, 2002

Perhaps it's too new out of the gate, but my fave is pMachine. Simply amazing. I've deleted MT & Graymatter off all my sites now.
posted by laz-e-boy at 8:28 AM on May 5, 2002

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