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This would make a neat Mefi post...

I don't have access to post to MeFi (Apparently I've never commented there), and I don't have time to flesh out a real proper post if I did. So I submit the White House breakdown of where your taxes go so someone else can make a better post about it.
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This would make a neat MeTa comment. Can you make it for me?
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Probably best to wait until you get posting rights to start bringing this sort of thing up.
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Seriously, I can't post to Mefi. I thought this would be nice to share with the community.
posted by larthegreat at 7:35 AM on April 5, 2012

Heya, no big thing but we don't really want folks to use Metatalk as a "someone should post this" sort of staging ground.

If you're interested in making a post to the front page, the only requirement is to have been here a week (obviously not a problem for you) and to have made three comments on the blue itself. So if you're inclined, what I always suggest is to just spend some time over the next day or whatever reading threads, and pop in with a comment if you've got a little something substantial to say about something, and then when you've found you've made a few comments naturally, go ahead and work up a post.

Not that you need to do that; posting (and commenting) on the blue is totally just an if-you're-into-it thing. But that's pretty much the only real direct channel for going from "this would make an interesting post" to it being an actual post. Feel free to pick us mods' brains about it too, if you like; folks can always hit us at the contact form to vet a potential first post, etc.
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MeTa is really not for trying out MeFi posts. You are more than welcome to email us via the contact form if you want to ask about whether something would make an okay post.
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