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What are some of your favorite AskMe threads which are focused on recommending sci-fi books? It seems like this is a topic which comes up some with some regularity, and I even posted one myself a few years ago (and got great results). So I'm sure there are many more similar threads out there, and I'd love to see the ones you think are best. Thanks!
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You might take a look at the curated SF selection from a page on the MeFi wiki (mostly from ~2009).
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There was this great post on here once about a story called Martian Chronicles or something, by this guy Cory Bradbury or something I can't remember.
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I asked this question in Nov. '11.
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My last AxMe.
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As RichardP pointed out, ReadMe is not quite up to date, but I get my masters in a month so I hope to bring it up to date in the summer. In addition to the sci-fi section also check out especially loved AskMes
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Four years ago I posted this question asking for YA sci-fi suggestions for an independent study. Stumbled across it recently and laughed out loud. I'd totally forgotten that I asked it, but it was basically me fumbling around at the very beginning of a long journey that led to me having my own YA sci-fi review site and a YA sci-fi book deal, so, hey, that's cool.

The suggestions are pretty good, too.
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