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Again, with the sidebar!

And, to be honest, I'm honored and flattered. I don't exactly how I came about all of this technical knowledge, but I have, and I'm glad MeFi lets me expound upon it in (I hope) a useful and entertaining way.

The one bit of advice I have for all: Keep Learning. I know when I will have given up - when I want the aisle seat, not the window; when I don't stop and gasp at the aurora, and when I pass up a nonfiction work because it might be hard.

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All I know is I am always delighted to see your username, eriko. Cheers.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 6:29 PM on April 12, 2012

The comment in question.
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That was a really cool comment, eriko. Good on 'ya.
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And I have made a discovery! You have a new fan, eriko.
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nerd it up, it's the new sexy
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Crap. I've just been told I've given up.
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No, no, cjorgensen, these are the ways that eriko knows that s/he has given up. Never judge yourself by another's metric.
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I know when I will have given up - when I want the aisle seat, not the window;

No, see, because sometimes you end up in a row right over the wing and you won't be able to see anything anyway. In which case I prefer to be on the aisle so I can get up to pee whenever I feel like it without overthinking whether it's a better or worse time to disturb my seatmates.
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Oh! And I meant to say: I love that comment. I mentioned how much I love it to some friends, and linked to it, and admitted that I didn't understand much of it, but loved it anyway. And then some kind friends broke it down to kindergarten-level for me, so now I love that comment even more.
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I posted the comment that triggered the explanation, and I always figured there was some historical reason for the all-caps, but I never knew the exact details. It was fun reading that when it was posted, and I like it even more now!
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I loved that comment, eriko. It was pitch perfect 'I know a thing. Here is the thing I know. I hope it it is useful to you. Please continue with your gyrations."

Datapoints: My boss got sidebarred; I seethed with jealousy. I got sidebarred, I seethed with happiness.

(You can seethe positively, right?)
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Yay just trying to spread the love!

Though, to be honest, I want to sit on the aisle. I want to not climb over someone else if I have to go to the bathroom and I want to bolt for the exit so I can make my tight connection. Looking out the window is great, but the world is full of beautiful window views. In the last flight I was on, the plane was small enough that I got a window AND and aisle, in the same seat!
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The eriko imprimatur is enough to get me to stop and read a comment, even on a busy day. Serious high-level geekery without condescension is always a win, but put me on Team Aisle Seat For Easy Bathroom Access.
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I almost had to write that same comment replying to the "Why is NOAA always shouting?", because I've had to explain TTY/telex before on places like reddit, but eriko did it much better than I could have.

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eriko gets sidebarred for being an unrelenting genius; I got sidebarred for being a doofus.
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He's over here explaining stuff excellently, in case anyone needs more things explained excellently.
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This thread is dead and probably won't be seen, but I just want to say, jessamyn (or whoever it is that does the sidebar), thanks so much for keeping it active these past few weeks! The sidebar is one of my absolute favorite parts of metafilter, and it seriously made my (difficult, finals-heavy) night a lot better to see 4 sidebar posts since I last checked. Consider yourself app.rec.i.ated.
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You're welcome! We've been working to make it really lively lately and have a few other neat things coming down the pike that we think people will like that are sidebar-related.
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