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If MetaFilter had a sassy teenage child, he/she'd be OhNoTheyDidn't

[First time posting on MeTa, let me know if I'm not doing this right. Moderators- feel free to delete]

I have been reading ONTD and although the topics of interest are very different from MeFi's, the snark is comparable. There are at least some MeFites who also read ONTD and I wonder how many more do.

The commonalities between MeFi and ONTD:
- sense of community
- snark -- ONTD is also very snarky, though of course MeFi's is more mature and thought-out

What do you think about the relationship between ONTD and MeFi?
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Yeah, sorry... no, Metatalk is not really for general chat about other sites, even if some of us do read them. This space is more for discussions of site policy, bugs, requests, and things that are specific to Metafilter.
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