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Can you help me find a comic strip written by a woman that showed her weight-loss progress?

This was recently (I think) an answer to an Askme question about weight loss. It was a neat comic that showed a woman's progress in losing weight. Her first comic showed her at 210 pounds and had a black shadowy character over her shoulder telling her she was fat.

She frequently included a drawing of everything she ate that day in her comics. It looks like it ran a long time, probably a couple of years. She also included biking in some of her comics.

Sound familiar, anyone? I enjoyed it and want to track it down, but googling "weight loss comic" only brings up Cathy strips. (Sigh)
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Is it I Do Not Have an Eating Disorder via this FPP

I googled "eating disorder" comic.
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There's this comic about anorexia that may not be at all what you're thinking about but was the first thing that came to mind.
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Carol Lay's The Big Skinny? From here.
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It wasn't I Do Not Have an Eating Disorder or The Big Skinny. The style was a bit like the big skinny, but I get the impression that the artist is younger than 50ish, the age of the protagonist in The Big Skinny.

It wasn't about anorexia, but it did include negative emotions/attitudes about food.

Thanks for your help and for reading!
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I Think You're Sauceome?

The "dark shadow over the shoulder" and "210 lbs" comic is here.
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Just came here to post "I think you're Sauceome" but flex beat me to it!
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"I Think You're Sauceome" is it!!! That's IIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!

Thank you so much, guys!! Mmmmmmwwwwaaahhh!
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That's a fantastic cartoon. This one, oof!

Where's the thread it originally appeared in?
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Hey she's in Chicago now I will get distracted going through her comics just trying to recognize places I've been.
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Miko, I came across Sauceome through a comment by jillithd on a post I made, but the OP of this thread might be thinking of this AskMeFi answer by Sallyfur or perhaps this other AskMeFi answer (also by jillithd) both of which directly link the specific panel they asked about?
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Thanks for asking about this! I didn't see the original post, but I'm really enjoying this comic. Especially since I've been working on my own weight (which sucks, because it seems like I have to think about food ALL THE TIME, and it's getting monotonous.)

This. Perfect.
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Both Saucesome and I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder are amazing. Not to be too cheesy about it, but individual voices sharing these kinds of stories on the internet are completely inspirational. They're candid and funny and artistic, but they're also filled with personal subject matter and internal monologues that rarely get shared. Seeing that these conversations happen to more people than just you is so so valuable.
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Thanks for asking about this! I didn't see the original post, but I'm really enjoying this comic.

Agree with this! I love her drawings.
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Ha! I started reading the MeTa question and I'm like "Hey! I know what comic that is!"

Sarah Becan has definitely inspired me to bike commute and to like myself more and be more active and to eat delicious things and drink delicious beers. :)
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After only a few days, I think she inspired me too.
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I just wanted to say thanks again, guys, for helping me find this comic. I read through the whole archives over a few days, savoring them. I just donated a few bucks to her site, and I almost never do that. Yes, she is very inspiring!!
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