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What are some of the best things on the Metafilter Wiki?

What are some of the best, most interesting, most amusing, most useful, weirdest pages on the Metafilter Wiki? What are some of your favorite pages that anybody who's interested in the history/dynamics/quirks of MetaFilter and its community should read?

I'll get the ball rolling with this: Shadowy Back Alleys
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The link to the wiki is so hard to find on the page that I consider just getting there a blessing.
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Don't mind me, I'm just weeping for the kids and animals who never had a hope in hell.
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Most of the image links in Shadowy Back Alleys, (Images up to and including the April 1 buyout, all Banners), are dead - I'm guessing they got left behind during some move or such.
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Well, I came across this question, which is clearly chatfilter, via the "Famous and celebrity Metafilter users" page.

Accordingly, the question ought to be deleted.
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If it has a demonstrably and singularly correct answer such as "He managed to crank call The Pope's private number by posing as Henry Kissinger" then it's not chatfilter.
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There should be a little note at the bottom of SBA that says many of the links were borked and pages lost and images gone after The Great Hackening of 2009. We lost a lot of great stuff in that event, so stupid, so surreal.
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Anyway, yeah, to answer the question for me the coolest Wiki page with the hardest-to-find link (on the front page of the Wiki) is the list All Pages of the Wiki. It's probably the most condensed way to take in every piece of MetaFilter's craziness and quirks, just a huge list of insider info, easily expandable and peruse-able. When I look at it, it's like I'm arriving at the greatest MeFi meetup of all time and all the users I know and love are lined up waiting for me to arrive. And when I get there they all hi-five me and say wiki page titles. "Remember Beloved IMG Tag man?" YEAH! "And that time with all the Comment Fables?" YEAH! "Juicy Flameouts" OMG! *HI-5*
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carsonb, you might prefer the Popular Pages, the list of all pages, sorts by the number of views they have.

The who is this cosplay page just surprised me by its inclusion on the list.
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I'm partial to the Obituaries, Travel Guides, ReadMe, and EatMe pages. Also see Published Authors and In Jokes.
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Also seconding ThereIsHelp, which was put together after null terminated passed away.
posted by zarq at 2:08 PM on May 27, 2012

Then again, 9622 is on Popular Pages, so it may just be that we have few enough popular pages that the Popular Pages just lists everything ever, or close to it.

(look I just made it more popular)
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No idea what's on the Wiki - the whole thing is blocked from work and, for no particular reason, I never think to peruse it at other times. I'm assured by people I trust that its all good, though.
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They don't block it because it's boring, if you know what I mean.
posted by mendel at 7:27 PM on May 27, 2012

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