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Looking for a post about a blog--the blogger was asked to write a paper by a college student who was offering money. They had a lot of back-and-forth communication, and eventually he published the whole thing on his blog.

This was not the post about the guy who wrote an article for the Chronicle of Higher Education about how he'd made a living writing papers for college students. I remember that, in the comments, there was a discussion about his morality w/r/t making their communication public.
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shoesfullofdust - no, this was several years ago now. I should have said in the OP.
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Gah! I know exactly what you are referring to (I think) but cannot find it. It was a guy who ended up posting a load of instant messaging records between the two of them, was it because she refused to pay for them? It must have been around 2007/08, maybe? Does that sound right? This is driving me nuts now.
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Elmore - yeah, it was something like that... I'm not sure if he posted because she wouldn't pay, or because the whole thing had spiralled into the worst kind of farce. Either way, I can't find it, and ARGH.
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This was the Laura K. Pahl (he later changed her name to Laura K. Krishna on the blog, then deleted those blog entries entirely after a while) incident.
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Oh, man, that was it, UrineSoakedRube! But bummer that the pages were deleted. I wonder if they're somewhere in the Wayback Machine...
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How far we goin' back? Way back.
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Before Krishna, and the Krishna Era.
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I knew I did the right thing going off and eating my dinner. Thanks USR.
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That blog is great, I hadn't seen it before. What was the outcome?
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If you poke around the other blogs that talked about it, there were a bunch of kids at a nameless school claiming she was their English teacher, circa 2010. No idea whether they've got the right person, of course.
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Wow, I remembered (upon reading this post) that thread pretty well. But I didn't recall how heavily I participated in it. That discussion was, I think, the exact time and place when some of my related (to the discussion) current ideas/beliefs about ethics firmly crystallized. In hindsight, it also is unnerving how some aspects of that discussion (the self-defense/retribution stuff) would feature so hugely in my own life only eighteen months later.
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I missed that thread entirely at the time; I read up on the Laura thing much more recently, maybe just in the last year or so, and I don't think I saw that thread in the process so it must have been some other source. Huh.
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Oh man. I remember that thread. I also remember trying to guess her email address and sending her a "head's-up" note with a link to Nate's blog. Didn't get a response, but I don't remember if they were bounced back. (Email acct I used back then is no longer active.)

I had completely forgotten about that until this moment.
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Was this the post...

“It's about as far from the theme as you could possibly get.”
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A Grade 11 student, with a summary of Sean Dixon's novel The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal due in two days, gets help from the author. It does not go particularly well.

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OH got it... not the post..
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I wrote a paper for booze once.

I feel much less bad about that than I would taking money.
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allkindsoftime: "I wrote a paper for booze once.

I feel much less bad about that than I would taking money

Goodness! By the way, we're still waiting for the results. How'd your brother do?
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The Laura K Krishna thread was the one that made a regular reader out of me (as opposed to sporadic), and started me on the eventual road to membership (which I didn't get for about another year or so). I've used the LKK thread here and on the original blog as examples in cyberethics (undergrad) and internet research methods (grad) classes, too. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
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