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There's a MeFite with amazing abilities for the computerized "zoom and enhance" trick who demonstrated those skills in an AskMeFi post a few months ago. If we can find that MeFite, s/he might be able to use those skills to help ID the hit-and-run car that struck down a DC Comics artist last weekend.

Several months ago there was an AskMeFi post in which the asker was looking for help in identifying an object in a blurry, poorly lit photo. The object may have been a license plate, but I can't remember.

Despite the poor quality of the image, a responder was able to identify the object after applying some kick-ass Photoshop skillz -- some sort of filters perhaps? At any rate, the work was awesome and everybody was impressed. I'm thinking those same skills might be useful in helping with the investigation noted in the Jalopnik link above.

Anybody remember the post I'm talking about?
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You need to be able to do zoom, enhance, and rotate.
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That's a white Toyota Solara. You don't need any enhance and zoom to figure that out.

Any (blurry) shots of the number plate?
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The deconvolution was really rather specific in that case - it's because you have a really clear idea of how one point in the ideal image is turned into a specific track in the taken image. Here, it's not the same deal - everything's just blocky and blurred. I'm afraid the same kind of magic just isn't going to be possible.
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I immediately thought Acura CL, and it looks like they agree.
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If you want you can download and play with Unshake.

You can do blind deconvolution on out of focus images - in fact, if everything else were perfect, you could do all your focusing after the fact digitally and never know the difference.
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I've just tried using a Lucy-Richardson algorithm on it based on the front light, tail light, and the background light and really nothing helps much at all. You can pick out a rear hubcap more easily and tighten up the dimensions a little but it's not really going anywhere.

A common problem with these algorithms is that you end up enhancing noise a lot as well as the signal and introducing ringing artifacts and the like, and this one is already so fuzzy and jpeg-compressed without the motion blur that it's really pretty much beyond hope for this sort of approach.
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I hope they catch the scum.
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A common problem with these algorithms is that you end up enhancing noise a lot as well as the signal...

That and the fact that compression artifacts that we would never notice look a whole lot like a signal a lot of the time. Always save important data where precision matters as TIFs.
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Jalopnik blew up the image they had for their page, adding another layer of blur. It could be better to look at the earlier version

That image looks like it came off a typical interlaced video. If there is video, other programs can combine and analyze several successive fields/frames to make a sharpened image.
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Looks to me like a Subaru. Possibly even a wagon.
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I would actually suggest Honda Accord coupe. That definitely looks like a two-door to me; the length isn't big enough for a decent rear door, and the design emphasizes the streamlined front and rear windows because breaking them up would be too short.

Here's a 2000 coupe. It doesn't have the wraparound tail lights, though.
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Maybe a 2003 Accord coupe? Here.
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Kraftmatic, I'm just so overjoyed that you've managed to get over that hand thing.
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The Jalopnik article describes the route the car took immediately after the collision. I would suggest going to each business along that route and noting which ones have security cameras that might have captured the car, especially ones that may have been at an angle to get its plates while stopped.

And if any of those businesses happen to be run by comics fans ...
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Let's enhance.
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