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Some mefite has a great guide to reddit on their user profile, that talks about getting rid of the default subreddits and a bunch of other tips that are good for a new reddit user. In fact I want to point a new reddit user to them, but I can't find a link to that user! Does anyone recall who it was?
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Geocities seems to have deleted my page. Can anyone help me find it?
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(On their MetaFilter user profile.)
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I vaguely recall something like this, but I'm pretty sure it was in a comment on the blue. Or it could be a totally different comment I'm thinking of. I'll poke around in my favorites.

You probably know that if the new redditor isn't also a mefite, they won't be able to see this user's profile - those are invisible to non-mefites.
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Is it Jpfed?
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Whoever it is links to it regularly in threads about reddit, which makes it doubly frustrating that I can't find it!

I can see my own profile when I'm not logged in...

On preview: Yes, it's Jpfed Thanks!
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Doh, I confuselated myself - I was recently in the flag meta a few doors down and somehow conflated spiders/robots and regular people.
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You probably know that if the new redditor isn't also a mefite, they won't be able to see this user's profile - those are invisible to non-mefites.

Actually, you can see MetaFilter user profiles even if you aren't logged into MetaFilter. The only hidden part is some of the personal data in the left column.
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I realize that this is a way that people name their things, like fuckyeahwhatever tumblrs, and nothing I say will change it, but I suspect that there are workplaces where nothing with 'porn' in its name is entirely SFW.

(Not mine, thankfully.)
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artisan videos
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Wow, Reddit just changed from a seeming shit-firehose to someplace I might actually be interested in spending time once in a while. Thanks!
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Uh, yeah. Wow. I think tomorrow morning I may poke at Reddit a bit over breakfast. I always had a hunch that there must be good stuff in there, but I couldn't be bothered to go sifting through the shit to find it. Hmm.
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What you need is some kind of filter.
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Damn it, I fell into the breaking bad subreddit rabbit hole and I'm never coming out.
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Oh, this is great. I've been verging on closing my account, but this may keep me from jumping ship for now.
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This comment on Reddit changed my entire experience there.

It explains how to (using the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension - very easy to install) set up individual Reddit accounts tailored to specific interests, and switch between them with a single click.

The author provides some pre-made subreddit bundles and once you understand the concept it's easy to make your own. I've got about 8 now and any time my regular account's front-page is making me rethink my participation there, I switch over to one of the interest-specific ones. Fantastic stuff.
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Andddd now I feel silly, as that same comment is indeed linked above. I figured they were different due to different author names. That'll teach me not to double-check.

But still! Give it a go, it really changed Reddit for me.
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Actually, multireddits were change a few months ago to use a normalizing sort, so the advice that you need RES and multiple accounts is no longer necessary. RES is still inordinately useful, though.
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Can someone with an account over there go kick whoever 'Grither' is in the pants and tell them to give me my account name back? Thanks!
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Wow. jpfed's guide is excellent. I think I was using Reddit pretty well. I wasn't into a lot of the main subreddits and had found a few strong ones that I checked now and then. I didn't realize how much quality content was available though. /r/depthhub is amazing.
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TrueReddit crossed 40,000 and has been experiencing a degradation in signal-to-noise.

I suggest r/foodforthought to supplement.
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jpfed's guide pointed me to discover subreddits that I am actually very interested in, so much so that I've had to set up a reddit Leechblock set. Yay! Boo!
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This thread de-swampifies reddit.
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Here are a few of my favorite sub-reddits:
Botanical Porn (safe for work; just pics of flora)
It's funny how things that are labeled "Porn", and things that are porn, never intersect on Reddit. At least /r/pornporn exists.

Also, applying Usenet principles to Reddit works surprisingly well.

woo look what I started!

here is my obligatory mlp link
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Wil Wheaton is always going on and on about how much time he spends on Reddit, and I could just never understand it. Now I'm motivated to give it another shot. Because, you know, I need more reasons to spend time on the interwebs.
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Whoa! I was not expecting a MeTa!

Uh, this is embarrassing. The stuff on my profile is a teensy bit out of date. Aside from /r/DepthHub , there is a new set of reddits that I would encourage people to give a spin. Blackstar9000 spearheaded the creation of a new kind of subreddit with a number of new rules aimed at improving quality. These are the RepublicOfReddit reddits.

The RoR reddits have a barrier to entry in terms of posters- submitters must request and be manually approved by an RoR mod. This barrier to posting has made them less popular than DepthHub reddits, so any given post might not have a lot of discussion. They need subscribers! Go forth and multiply!
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Oh my, Jpfed. Thank you sooo much for this.
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This makes a much bigger difference than I thought it would. Thanks.
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Okay, I've been at this all day now, and it's changed my opinion of Reddit completely. I used to never understand what people saw in it; now I'm wondering how I'll get the time to read all the great stuff I just discovered.

Thanks, Jpfed and mendel too!
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The neat part is, if you set up your subscriptions right, it's like reading MetaFilter from the future.
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I recently discovered r/vexillology which is awesome because the Reddit thumbnail is the perfect size to show off some cool flags I've never seen.
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r/malefashionadvice is like AskMe for men's clothing.
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And a reddit comment on beginning to refine reddit.
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