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Since May 2009, the 298 lenders of the Metafilter team on Kiva.org have loaned $70,125 to small businesses, cooperatives, and collectives in 47 countries including the United States. For the next seven days, Kiva will give people an extra $25 to loan if they invite a friend. Repayments on loans made with a bonus won't go back to you, but there's no limit on the number of bonuses you can earn. Will you join us to make difference?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Yeah, mefi-specific updates and such are fine; more general "get out the membership" stuff with recruitment bonuses is getting pretty far afield. I'm glad you're enthusiastic about this but you need to not let this wander outside of a clearly answerable "why is this on Metatalk" sort of zone. -- cortex

I don't mind the occasional update on this, but IMHO "invite your friends to join Kiva" is beyond not-what-mefi-is-for.
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