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Another neat new member: Hugo-winning author Tim Pratt just joined up to comment in a thread about the wonderful Israeli adaptation of one of his short stories, "Impossible Dreams."
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Oh, yay. I think Tim Pratt's work is great.
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Hugo-winning author

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Now I need to read some Tim Pratt.

I have to admit that when I saw his name in the post, my first thought was "oh hey, it's the guy who signals the end of the Pratchett section when I'm at a bookstore".
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I've been lurking for years (I've got a good friend who posts here a bit and I always follow his links to interesting places), but when my name was spoken, I felt compelled to join. Thanks for the welcome.
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Tim!! Back when blogs were called "online diaries," we wrote at one another quite a bit. Now he's a Hugo-winning, big-deal, science fiction author, and I...have been on Metafilter longer.

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