Is Metafilter compatible with the iPhone Reader function? August 10, 2012 8:10 PM   Subscribe

Is Metafilter compatible with the iPhone Reader function? Is there some step I need to take to make a post's comments readable in Safari's Reader?

On my iPhone, Safari has a Reader button in the url bar for webpages that are text heavy. It's perfect for letting me read Metafilter in a larger font, but when I go to Reader, all of the comments in any post are not there (only the text of the post). How do most iPhone users get around this? Thanks.
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No, I don't think the site works very well with that feature. We don't have any control over it from this end, and I'm not sure there's much you can do.

What you might do is use the site tools to make the font bigger and the background white. Click Preferences on the menu on your phone and change to the plain theme and set the font size bigger. Those settings are cookie-based and work per browser. So you can have your desktop set one way and your phone another. That might be a better option than the Reader button.
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Of course Apple wants you to use professional white.
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The 'Instapaper Text' bookmarklet available on this page does much the same as the Reader button and includes comments here (thanks to this MetaTalk thread).
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Apple won't release how the Reader feature works. The downside is developers can't optimize for it. The upside is developers can't write to block it.

I hate how it treats most sites.
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