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I would very much appreciate some help finding a particular comment from the Blue.

It may have been a thread about some environmental issue? I do not remember who it was by, unfortunately, and I must not have the right particular words for searching. The gist of it was that society is full of evil systems, and none of us are innocent, however small the evil-ness of our own individual contribution. We all are required to become a little bit evil when we participate in evil systems.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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I doubt this is exactly what you are thinking of, but in a discussion of Obama and Gitmo I posted this quote from the Grapes of Wrath that is along those lines. Maybe something else in that thread is what you had in mind.
posted by Pater Aletheias at 12:30 PM on August 26, 2012

Nothing exactly like what you describe, but a lot of similar ideas in this thread from 2008. An excellent read, if for no other reason than the discovery of "hobo biscotti".
posted by donnagirl at 12:51 PM on August 26, 2012

I vaguely remember this - I think it was by a vegetarian/vegan and it was in the last six months?

That really doesn't help much.
posted by desjardins at 12:56 PM on August 26, 2012

Pater Aletheias -- I do so love that quotation, even if it is not what I am looking for.

donnagirl -- Definitely more recent than 2008. I think within the last year.

desjardins -- The vegetarian/vegan bit rings a bell. I feel like the thread may not have been specifically about veganism, but that the implications of veganism were discussed wrt the environment.

This is going to drive me nuts.
posted by fancyoats at 1:53 PM on August 26, 2012

I read something like this in one of the many Apple threads. Not that this narrows it down.
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'Complicit' might be a good word to try adding to your search strings.
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Was it about sick systems?
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This is driving me crazy now, because I think I remember the comment and I just. cannot. find. it. I thought that the person described himself as a hypocrite or hypocritical, but searches for those words came up with nothing.

Please post a link if you find it so I can sleep at night gahhh
posted by desjardins at 8:38 AM on August 27, 2012

Ok, I finally had the bright idea *facepalm* of looking in my own damned favorites and voila! It is by JHarris, from the Lorax-SUV thread this past spring. Meat eating was indeed discussed in the thread, but not in that comment. I had thought the comment was longer and had more of a testimonial feel, but I guess I must have conflated several of the comments in that thread.

Thanks everyone. I kind of feel like a doofus. I understand if you all want to take hold of my hand and start hitting me in the face with it, big-brother-style.
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ughhh that's not the one I was thinking of. I'm glad you can sleep at night, though.
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I think I know the one you're thinking of, desjardins, and it's driving me crazy too. I searched but can't seem to find it. I'll post in here if I do.
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Ok, now I am doubting myself. The one I linked is like a crystallization of it, but it does seem like there was something I said, a more testimonial-type thing.
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The truth is out there.
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Or, the truth is in your head, as a compilation of things you've seen and experienced out there.
posted by filthy light thief at 3:58 PM on August 28, 2012

Or both.
posted by John Cohen at 8:08 AM on August 30, 2012

Or neither.
posted by TwelveTwo at 2:36 PM on September 4, 2012

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