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Time to settle up last year's Bitcoin wager

pla and furiousxgeorge wasted little time in taking me up on my offer. And a year later, its time to do the trade and none too soon as I'm in need of some BTC without the usual hassle of exchanges.

As such, per the original terms, rather than just transferring the difference in Bitcoin, I'd like to do the full trade. In any case, using pla's reasoning at the time, he's still making a killing here so we should all go away quite happy with the deal.

Here's my address 13BTVymXJHKndpWRwMDyorpd6fB8BtTurV

Those guys can MeFi mail me their bank account details. If sending that stuff in plaintext is still a concern for them, we can do it using GPG.

I've shifted most of my mail to another provider as Gmail refuses to play nice with any mail clients now that I've enabled 2 factor authorisation. But I can still receive mail at the account I was using this time last year should I need to prove I'm the same person.
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....Could you not have Mefi Mailed them yourself?....
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Oh man, Wolfram Alpha totally had me going. It translated "bitcoins" as "bits" i.e. half the price of a shave and a haircut. So 10 bitcoins was $1.25 and I was all d'oh.

According to Wikipedia: "In Aug 2012, 1 BTC traded at around $10.00 USD."
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This isn't what Metatalk is for. Sorry, but you need to work this out privately.
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