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Thanks AskMe! Over a year ago I asked for some help with some technology to help my students use their cameras.

The advice I received in the thread led me to purchase some gear (Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm and Super Clamp) that has worked well - so well, in fact, that it caught the notice of a local news writer who put together this article describing the system.

So thanks, AskMe! Not only did you help out my students but you also got some positive press for our school!

(MeFi was described only as an "internet forum", I name-dropped but it must not have made the final edit.)
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MetaFilter: An Internet Forum
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I love that you are doing this and so glad that it is working well for your students. Would some of them be interested in having you share a gallery of their work on Projects? Because that would be so cool for us, if they'd be into it.
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Really cool.
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They have cameras!
[Very cool.]
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That is awesome.
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