Where was that post about cutup vanity URLs? November 9, 2012 3:58 AM   Subscribe

Hello! I'm trying to find an old post about vanity URLs. It linked to a cool site where you could type in a domain idea and it would carve it up in fun ways using strange domains. So for 'johnsmith' it would offer not only johnsmith.com but also john.smi.th and other options...
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I think it was this question, Bulk domain name checkers?
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Man, what is up with nerds and .io domains?
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(I created and operate domai.nr with two friends)

@boo_radley — for some reason .io is one of the most-clicked TLDs in Domainr, so a little while back we decided to show it by default. Other popular ones are .ly, .st, al, and .to.
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