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Want some help keeping your New Year's resolutions? The Mefits at Health Month are starting up another month (and another year) of improving our lives and we'd love to see more folks on our team!

For those who haven't seen our previous posts, Health Month is a site that turns instilling healthy habits into a game, with the social support of our team of Metafilter friends. The site has seen some big upgrades since the last time we posted, and there are options for custom rules in case the many built-in rules don't cover your every need. Plus the Mefits are the most encouraging crowd you can hope to find.

It's easy for newcomers and returning Health Monthers alike. If you want to make some slow, sustainable changes, come on over and join. It's not too late!

Previously about Health Month.
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The really great update is that they've made team membership permanent instead of monthly, so if you join Team Mefi now, you won't have to ask to join again in a month.
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This January will be my first full month of Health Month. I liked it in December, and now I'm using it to keep track of my exercise. I have a bad habit of exercising for a week, saying "good job" to myself, and then failing to exercise thereafter, so I hope this helps me stay motivated.

I'm already a member of Team MeFi. If you're not on already, join, because the company's great.
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How do I join the team?
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Aha! Found Teams in the bar across the bottom. Looking forward to trying this out.
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Quoting my dad here:

The only New Years resolutions that last are the ones that kick in at least a week after the new year. Otherwise, you're just riding the enthusiasm of the season ... and that always wanes.

but good luck, all
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In other news, I just discovered that the double chin that had been calling and calling to confirm its stay with me has just arrived. Now I'll have a devil of a time throwing it out.
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I'm in! Love Health Month, and it has been very powerful for me for staying with resolutions to be stronger, fitter and more svelte.
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The URL of the MeFi team (from a previous thread)?
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I've been doing this for a while. It strangely seems to work for me.
posted by sciencegeek at 11:46 AM on January 2, 2013

Are there dueling Team MetaFilters? I think I just applied to be on two different ones.
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I have a couple of sponsorship chips if anyone needs one.
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As far as I know there's only one. Also, I think I should have more sponsorship chips, since I just bought in for another six months.
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Finally got around to finishing registration, and asked to join the team. Thanks for the motivation!
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I've got a handful of sponsorship chips so people can try a month for free. If this is your first month on Health Month, please put your MetaFilter name in your Health Month profile, or send me a MeMail identifying yourself, because I'm only adding people I can verify are MeFites.

I also signed up for another six months. It's a pretty good deal.
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HM is fabulous!
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Hurray, Health Month! I'm psyched to give it a solid try again, because when it was good, it was reallllly good. Though it doesn't hold up well in the face of multiple life crises such as injuries and hurricanes.
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I've been playing Health Month's free level (maximum of three goals/rules) for several months now, and I'm finding it's a great way to turn goals into habits. The team is supportive and very welcoming, checking in every day keeps me up to speed on my goals, and the monthly charts show me what does and doesn't work to motivate me. If anyone's on the fence, I strongly encourage you to try it out!
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For the folks interested in a sponsorship chip, you have to pick more than three rules, and when it comes time to pay, that's when you request sponsorship instead. It can be a little confusing the first time around.

Three rules or less is free.
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The Mefits

I see what you did there.
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Ok, I took the plunge!
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Just an update: there are four people who have asked to join the team, but whose usernames do not match up with anyone on MetaFilter. Everyone else has been added, so if you are still waiting, shoot me a MeMail.

And welcome everyone to Health Month! It's the best way I have found to maintain my persistence about healthy habits even when I'm flagging in motivation.
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I joined!
posted by drjimmy11 at 4:15 PM on January 2, 2013

I vow to extend my longevity.
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The new year is technically my off season, and my knee is acting up again, but best wishes to everyone who joins!

Remember that all exercise is good exercise, and that few thing feel better than noticing a physical change (increased strength, improved mobility, better endurance, reduced size, etc.), and knowing that it is the result of work you did to achieve a goal that you set.

Standing on the scale is not important. How you feel is important.
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I'm in! First timer, going for baby steps otherwise I'll try to CHANGE ALL THE HABITS.
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Yay! I joined! Training for a marathon and need very badly to get back on track.
posted by matcha action at 4:33 PM on January 2, 2013

I joined, because these last 9lbs have to go.
posted by dotgirl at 5:06 PM on January 2, 2013

I asked to join again! DRINK WATER!
posted by Medieval Maven at 6:21 PM on January 2, 2013

I asked to join.
posted by lazaruslong at 7:35 PM on January 2, 2013

I asked to join. I fell apart in Feb of last year, but I'm in a better place, more support and less stressed this year so I'm trying again.
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This is my first month and I'm already doing ok despite my laughably low goal for the first month. All about establishing the habits this time out...
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It's maybe worth mentioning that Health Month can be used for any sort of healthy habit, not just those that are exercise-related. For example, my rules this month include a half an hour of reading a few times a week, using mouthwash regularly, doing chores five days a week, and knitting at least four days a week. The custom rules are really fantastic, and the Mefi team is very welcoming, regardless of what your goals are.

Also, in previous threads about Health Month, some of us (me!) have been sad that you couldn't join more than one team--that's since been remedied, and you can now join multiple teams. If you'd previously had to choose between playing with your friends and playing on the Mefi team, you can do both! /PSA
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i signed up too
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Me also. I joined once but spluttered out early. This time I am ready and motivated with goals.

Thanks to ocherdraco for her explanation of the way health month works.
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I joined. I keep trying to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. It's gonna happen one of these months...
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Excellent! I just applied to get into this month's game.
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Joined and set myself one laughably easy goal plus one that will require a bit more discipline. Okay, maybe a lot more discipline. But positive external pressure is good for that kind of thing, so thanks!
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I managed to bork up my goals for this month; is there a way to edit them after the fact?
posted by Loto at 8:17 AM on January 3, 2013

Oh, this lines up perfectly with my well-thought out NY resolutions. I seriously spent all December thinking about it.
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I managed to bork up my goals for this month; is there a way to edit them after the fact?

Likewise - got myself up to a paid thing. If you go back into the rules, the same way you set it up, there's a delete option at the bottom.

Just applied - we'll see how this goes.
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Hobo, I actually had to email support and request that the edit it for me since I had already submitted my goals. They don't seem to have a problem doing this if anyone else runs into the same issue.
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Hooray for all the new people joining the MeFi team!

I've been using Health Month on and off since its early beta-testing days, and consistently, the times I quit mid-month were the times I picked too many rules. So my tip for new players is to pick a few meaningful rules that you really want to focus on, and don't have more than one challenging rule at a time.

I originally joined Health Month for the exercise/diet rules, but my biggest success has actually been flossing. I have never been able to get myself to floss regularly, and I still don't enjoy it, but I make myself do it because I don't want to lose a point over it. I will keep doing Health Month forever just because of this!
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I have one sponsorship chip left if anyone wants it.
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