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So, thanks to seanmpuckett and ryanrs, I'm playing EVE Online again. I know that a few others have started (or started back) recently as well. Metafilter used to have a space corporation (by the name of Hurf Durf Moon Eaters) but it seems to have gone by the wayside. Anyone interested in getting the band back together?

I've got a corporation currently operating in an out of the way section an out of the way corner of Empire space where everything from missioning to exploration to pvp to manufacturing is viable. I know some of the other EVE-playing MeFites already have corporations (and that ryanrs is a space VP), but surely not all. I'm not thinking anything serious. We're not going to try to run an entire pretend supply chain or anything. Just a place for us all to fly together with people we're not embarrassed to be on voice comms with.

And, if anyone's been putting off signing up for years, there is nothing I would enjoy more than donating a ship or two and helping you get your bearings. Use this link to sign up and then, if you convert to a full account, we'll get some bonus spacebucks to add to the corporation coffers.

I'm Machagon in game, if you want to get in touch. Or feel free to memail me of course.
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Will one be expected to play regularly? Will a junker i3 asus laptop have enough juice? I've been curious about eve for a while but even though my favorite trade rag is Game Developer I'm just not too serious a gamer.
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And can we be a bad bad evil dirty scumbag team?
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I'm not much of a video-game person, but when people actually showed up and started explaining that thread in English, the game did sound kinda tempting to try. For years I've wondered why there isn't a Star Trek sandbox game where you can just fly around and discover planets, make alliances, provoke battles, etc. This game seems reasonably close.
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Internet Spaceships Spreadsheets
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I suggest you guys schedule some slasher + thrasher + scythe roams to get started in pvp. Focusing your corp on EVE's Worst-in-Industry pve content is a sure path to burn out and collapse.
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People will not be expected to play regularly or to log on at specific times. People will not be expected to be good at the game. People will not be expected to make space money (ryanrs has already offered to donate some stuff, and I have some pretend assets too). People will just be expected to have a good time and blow stuff up.

And yes, absolutely, to being villains.
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Oh and, as for hardware, the game runs just fine on my two-year old netbook. CAVEATS: the most hardware intensive part of the game is walking around in the interior station environment, which is entirely unnecessary for gameplay (as everything you can do in the station environment can be done more quickly through the game menus). Also, the game defaults to the highest graphics settings. If you have old hardware, the first thing you should do is press escape to get to the settings menu, uncheck "load station environment" and set all the graphics quality pulldowns to "low." Then you can ratchet things back up until you find the level that works for you.

Also, if you're on a laptop with an Intel graphics card, you'll wantto set the Window Mode to "fixed window" to get rid of graphics glitches. Or at least, I had to.

See you in space!
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I run with lowest setting on my 12-core, 24 GB, fancy graphics card computer. This is a game about math, spreadsheets, planning, and treachery. The pretty graphics are a distraction, turn it off.
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Plate of Beans Incorporated [PINTO] is now accepting applications.
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Okay, the very quick guide to your first day in EVE:

The game actually has a decent tutorial these days. If you find that it's holding you by the hand too much though, you can turn it off in the escape menu and skip straight to the career agents that the tutorial would eventually funnel you to.

To find the career agents, click the little help icon in the lower left. There are five career paths and you can do all five (there are no character classes in EVE). Each path consists of a set of ten missions and each will get you set up with beginner some skills and ships. Each one will probably take about an hour.

I'd recommend at least doing the Military one just to get a feel for combat, then it's up to you whether you feel like doing any more. The rewards are pretty good value for a starting character but EVE's mission system is certainly not its biggest selling point.

At the end of each career path, the agent will suggest that you go do a mission arc for the Sisters of EVE in Arnon. This is one of the Epic Arcs, which is CCP's recent attempt to make their mission system more interesting and less of an embarrassment. It's not bad, though most of the missions do still boil down to "go out and fetch me ten spaceship pelts."

THEN, once you've finished your fill of missioning, be it one career path, or all five career paths and the Sisters of EVE arc, hang up your questing hat and make your way to Plate of Beans Inc. HQ in Aedald.

Aedald's a low-security system, so be careful, people might shoot at you! Don't worry though. We'll shoot back.

Add "Machagon" and "rocket spoon" as contacts in game. I'll happily answer any questions.
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I've got a couple of six month old toons in a small mining corp - while I train up an alt who is specializing in assault frigates. Happy to be involved somehow but my home base is 20 jumps away.
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<eve jargon>We're not tied to Aedald in the long run. I just chose it because it's a relatively unpopulated low-sec area on a corridor between a market hub and NPC-controlled 0.0, and I want to encourage people to get out of high-sec as soon as possible.</eve jargon>

Maybe you have an alt you'd like to join with and have a say in where we steer this crazy spaceship?
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Aedald is here.
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Combat missions are the best because the skills you train will also help you in PVP. If you start out training skills to optimize manufacturing or mining, then when you get into PVP you'll be starting basically from nothing.

And you really do want to get into pvp. It's fun and we'll set up a reimbursement program to pay for all your losses. Terrorizing the local residents with a swarm of newbies dying on the company dime is going to be hilarious.
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You'd probably have better luck at mefightclub
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Ok! My alt has applied; lets do this.
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I had just made the decision today, TODAY, to deactivate my accounts. Which was a really hard decision, because I've had so much fun in this game... but I wasn't logging on much and I was out of practice at PVP and didn't want to sign up to the big nullsec corps until I was better, and there's not much point in your PvE alt funding your main if your main isn't doing anything, and etc etc etc. I was literally going to close down the accounts tonight.

So what I'm saying is, hell yes I'm up for this.

I have upwards of 20mil SP and enough isk to help out the corp a bit, and I'm very happy to give newbies any guidance they'd like. My alt does PvE highsec industry in a 1-person corp with a small POS - I might join up with her later as well (1-person manufacturing is fun enough, but POS fuelling ugh + highsec is kinda boring). And I think I have another alt who can fly a blockade runner, although I'll have to check that.

Come play, guys. EVE is great!
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In the year 2000 (oh man, do I miss that Conan segment), I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed young man. Eager to live life, or sit on my ass, whichever was more convenient. And during that long, crazy year I gave up Everquest, and with it all mmorpgs FOREVER.

So it is with both excitement and consternation that I am here to tell you, thanks for setting this up, and I will be Phredward ingame as well.
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Made it to Aedald safe and sound...
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I signed up again just to take Ted Shank out for a stroll, and WTF? I'm actually strolling in a station.
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ryanrs: "This is a game about math, spreadsheets, planning, and treachery. "

See, that makes it sound like fun to me. And I don't play video games.
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Mefightclub thread is live. Said thread is also the de facto Plate of Beans corporate forum for the time being.
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"I have upwards of 20mil SP and enough isk to help out the corp a bit, and I'm very happy to give newbies any guidance they'd like. My alt does PvE highsec industry in a 1-person corp with a small POS - I might join up with her later as well (1-person manufacturing is fun enough, but POS fuelling ugh + highsec is kinda boring)."

What? I thought I spoke English until just now...
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Will a junker i3 asus laptop have enough juice?

Having played EVE once upon a time, I can tell you that it's the most graphically-intensive text-based MUD out there. All the pretty flashing lights serve little purpose beyond slowing your computer down. Turn 'em off.
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What? I thought I spoke English until just now...

SP - skill points, points that let your character do more stuff. Unlike a lot of big multiplayer games, EVE doesn't make you earn these by killing orcs or whatever; they build up in real time whether you're logged in or not. (The big advantage of this is that you don't have to devote ten hours a day playing just to advance.) Each skill in EVE has its own skillbook, and once you've purchased that skillbook, your character can build up SP in that particular skill. So, if you want to use a missile launcher on your spaceship, you need to buy the Missile Launcher Operation book and train that skill for a bit; if you want to use a really good missile launcher, you need to train it longer. There are skills for trade, fighting, manufacturing, mining, and so on.

New characters start off with a few basic skills already trained part-way, and can decide which direction they want to go in from there. EVE used to have 'learning skills' too, but these were awful and have thankfully been scrapped.

ISK - in-game currency. Stands for "Interstellar Kredits" (and is also the currency code for Icelandic krona - the game company is based in Reykjavik). You can gain isk in many, many ways: mining, running missions ('quests' in more usual MMO-speak), finding stuff, making stuff, trading stuff, stealing stuff. You need isk to buy skillbooks, ships, stuff for your ships, and stuff to run your corp.

Corp - corporation, in-game player organisation. Can be anything from one player to thousands (and Alliances are several corporations grouped together). They can be casual and friendly or run like serious military operations, expecting players to respond to calls for action (i.e. "log in and help us fight these other corps") when possible, and get X number of kills per month. They can be riddled with drama and infighting (Metatalk! Iiiiiin! Spaaaaaace!), or they can be amazingly good fun. It's an okay game to play on your own for a while, but it improves a great, great deal when you're playing it with others.

Alt - Alternate character (as opposed to "main"). You can have three characters on one account, or you can open up other accounts as well. Alts are useful if you want to fund your main character's activity through a more lucrative in-game career path, if your main character can't travel through certain parts of space, or if you just want to play a character with a different set of skills.

PvE - Player vs Environment - in-game activities where you're interacting with the enemies and goodies the computer generates, not the other players. PvP is player vs player. However, EVE doesn't have a true PvE experience in the way that lots of other multiplayer games do - other players can interact with you whether you like it or not, from shooting you to driving up market prices for the commodity you're producing. EVE unofficially stands for 'Everyone vs Everyone'.

highsec - EVE takes place in a single galaxy, which is divided up into three kinds of space: highsec (the bit in the middle), lowsec (the outskirts), and nullsec (the outer frontier). Highsec - high security - is patrolled by the in-game police, CONCORD, who will destroy your ship if you blow up anyone else. (That doesn't mean you can't blow up anyone else - it just means there are consequences.) Lowsec is a bit more Wild West - there are laws, but they're poorly enforced and the place is overrun with bandits. Nullsec has no laws, no rules, and everything's up for grabs.

Different sections of space attract different types of personalities. Typically, if you live in highsec, you're a careful industrialist (or a wimpish carebear); if you live in lowsec, you're a fun-loving pirate (or a heartless griefer); and if you live in nullsec, you're playing the real EVE (or you're one of those taking-it-too-seriously weirdos that was going to cut the power to somebody's house in a fleet battle that one time). And some people also live in wormholes, which are a whole other thing.

POS - Player-owned Starbase. Lets you do some industrial activities (making ships/equipment, mining moons), or serves as a place to keep your stuff. Can be very profitable and useful, and can also be a finicky expensive nightmare to set up and maintain. May involve the use of spreadsheets.

You're welcome.
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Just a quick comment for those worried that they won't be able to contribute with a brand new character, or that they won't be able to play often enough.

EVE is radically unlike most other MMOs out there in terms of character progression. There are no character classes, instead there are fleet roles that are fulfilled by different types of ships. Anybody can learn to fly any of the ships given enough time and you can functionally switch from being a "cleric" to being an "assassin" just by jumping out of your logistics ship and jumping into your stealth bomber.

What this means is that, while certain roles can only be filled by people who have been playing long enough to acquire the skills, other roles can be filled even by a freshly minted character. Within your first day, you can be filling the role of nimble sabotage, disabling people's engines in your tiny hard to hit ship until the big guns arrive. The day after that, you'll be ready to hop in a destroyer if you want and start playing the role of glass cannon, laying out huge alpha strikes with your artillery and praying that nobody breathes on your ship.

In a game like WOW (I'm speaking broadly here, having never actually played WOW) two level 60 players and two level 1 players can't really do much of anything together because any content that would be challenging for the more experienced players would instantly destroy the new player. In EVE, on the other hand, a mix of 8-year veterans and 2-day rookies can easily form an effective fleet in which everyone is playing a vital role.

The other thing that makes EVE different is that your character doesn't "level up" as a result of you playing the game or blowing things up. Instead, you acquire more skillpoints passively over time just by having an account. You then assign these skillpoints to whatever skill you want to learn or improve. So learning to fly destroyers at skill level 1 might take ten minutes worth of skill points, whereas improving that skill to skill level 5 (the highest) might take 10 days.

On the surface, this may seem like it means that new players can never compete with older players because they can never "catch up," but the skillpoint system is actually brilliantly balanced with the ship role system. The key is specialization. Whatever ship you prefer, you can achieve "perfect" skills for that ship within a finite amount of time. At that point, an older character has no innate advantage over you in that ship, that character will just be able to fly more different ships than you currently can.

What I'm getting at here is this: if two people both sign up today and first person plays ten hours a week while the second plays 1 hour a week, a month later both characters will be exactly the same "level." The first player is just likely to have more space bucks and have a better understanding of the game.

Most importantly, it's very easy to have a ton of fun in EVE without taking part in big organized events. Plate of Beans is going to be a super low-key fly-with-whoever's-around type of concern. If you log in for half an hour once every two weeks, you can just take part in whatever's going on right that second.
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Agreed. Anybody who is worried about "never catching up" in skillpoints has clearly never played EVE. My main combat character is busy doing other things, so I'm creating a fresh, zero skillpoint alt to play in this Mefi corp. He'll be useful in fleet combat in one or two days.
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What? I thought I spoke English until just now...

Every game has its jargon. Let me tell you about pins, forks, and exchanges sometime.
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Just want to say, I know nothing about this and I am so enjoying your explanations of this game; thank you.
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More info for people looking to learn. I wrote these blog posts a few years ago to help ease a friend's transition from WOW to EVE. Some of them are out of date, but these ones are still more or less accurate:

Introduction to Ship Classes
Introduction to Security Status (note that the "can flipping" mechanic has changed so that stealing from someone now makes you fair game to everyone)
Introduction to LowSec (like the Plate of Beans Inc home system, Aedald), parts 1, 2, and 3.
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Dammit. I quit EVE when an update (I think it was the one with the nifty character design thingie) caused my ancient wheezing Mac to lock up. I just don't have a machine that'll run it. Which is a damn shame, because I'd been pretty faithful about keeping my guy's training going. He was maxed out on skills related to Caldari missile boats, and had enough mining and manufacturing skills to be a reasonably effective one-man industrial concern. Sigh. Hangar full of blueprints, too. I had dreams, man. I had DREAMS. Maybe one day I'll get a new machine. Do they keep old characters mothballed, or would I have to start all over again?
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We're going to take this crazy corp out for a test flight tonight circa 7:30 EST (00:30 EVE time) with whoever happens to be online at that time! Time to shoot space things as a space team. If you're still on the fence about joining, now's the time.

Meet in Aedald. Free ships if you can fly gallente or minmatar frigates and destroyers. Otherwise, bring something you're not too attached to.

We'll run another later in the week with more advanced notice, so never fear if you can't make this one.
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Characters persist forever until you resubscribe. Don't forget your password / email.
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Man, I wish I had taken up my buddy's offer to get a comped account back in '06. He even pointed out that even if I didn't really play, it would just accumulate skill points...
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AFAIK it used to be that a character would continue to earn skillpoints even when unsubbed. So you could set a really long skill to train (eg: Super Awesome Battleships 5) just before taking a break from the game and not have to pay for the time spent learning that skill.
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No longer true.
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Welcome to Aedald!

Let me help you get your bearings. We’re in the Molden Heath region, which is a primarily low-security section of space on the edge of the Minmatar Republic, which puts us in the Southwest corner of what is commonly known as “Empire Space” (or, “everything that’s not NullSec,” in other words). The local NPC pirates are members of the Angel Cartel which means that, if you’re going to fight NPCs, you want your ship to be strong against Explosive and Kinetic damage, while dealing Explosive damage yourself.

Our nearest major trade hub is Rens, which is eight jumps away in Heimatar. Rens is the third biggest trade hub in the game, so you should rarely if ever need to up the ante and make the long slog to Jita. If even eight jumps is too far, you can get most everything you need in Teonusude (which is three jumps Rensward from Aedald), though you’ll pay a premium for the convenience. If trading is your thing, incidentally, I’ve managed to turn a slow but steady profit importing T2 modules from Rens to Teonusude for the local market.

Teonusude is also our LowSec/HighSec border, with Teonusude being a 0.6 security system and neighbouring Bosena being rated 0.4. The Bosena side of the gate is intermittently camped by a group of pirates known as “The humbleless crew.” They mostly target freighters, but be on the lookout for them. I expect that we’ll be tangling with them before too long. I have set PINTO’s standings towards them as negative to help you identify known pirates.

Two jumps AntiRensward is Egbinger, which is a LowSec/NullSec border system. The other side of that gate is B-VIP9 in the sparsely populated NPC controlled region of The Great Wildlands. This gate is infrequently camped. There is an amiable local pirate corp based out of Egbinger known as “The Executioners.” They have likewise been set to negative standing.

One jump Sidewise from Aedald is Audesder, which is a Minmatar COSMOS system (COSMOS was an old and abandoned earlier attempt by CCP at doing something interesting with the mission system). There are a few public beacons here and also a static hidden complex known as “Genom’s Secret Base” which is full of Angels baddies. Running Genom’s Secret Base can be profitable if you like, but more importantly, it can be a good place to ambush people who are trying to run it themselves.

One jump further Sidewise is Kenobanala in the Derelik region. Derelik is a region of Empire Space controlled by the Ammatar Mandate. The NPC pirates in this region are the Blood Raiders who deal EM and Thermal damage, while being themselves weak against the same. There is a pirate corp that roams to Aedald from this direction known as “Eviscerate.” Negative standings for them too.

Aedald itself is a 0.3 security system with five stations and eighteen asteroid belts. The PINTO corporate headquarters is in the Republic Military School station, which offers refining, cloning, repair, and factory services. I recommend moving your clone here. The Military School is also a convenient place to buy a wide variety of skillbooks. There is one Vherokior Tribe station and three Caldari Business Tribunal stations also in the system. If anyone has high standings with the Caldari Business Tribunal, please speak up, as they have two level 4 locator agents in system.

Okay, I’m here. Now what do I do?

We’re going to organize fleets as often as we can get a quorum. Both Machagon and Notorious Space Villain have fleet experience, and I think we have others as well. But there’s no need to wait for someone with experience. If there are other PINTOnians around, be bold, fleet up. But if there doesn’t happen to be anyone else around, or if you don’t feel like shooting at players, there’s still plenty to do in the area.

If you’re looking to shoot NPCs, the most profitable course of action is probably to fly out to The Great Wildlands via Egbinger and just go belt-hopping looking for baddies (this is known as “ratting”). Be warned though that NullSec NPCs are pretty serious business; this isn’t a good idea for our newer players. You’ll want to be in a battlecruiser or an assault frigate probably. Also, always remember to ebe specially wary of other players when in NullSec. Newer player can go ratting right in Aedald by bouncing around the multitude of asteroid belts.

If you’d rather run missions, Teonusude is a good spot for it, with a solid mix of agents there and more next door in Gelfiven and Gulfonodi. If you’re feeling brave, you can even run missions in Aedald. The Caldari Business Tribunal has level one, two, and four agents right in system. Low-sec mission running is risky but it can add a little bit of spice to the otherwise repetitive missions. And it would be very useful to have a few members with high standings with those locator agents.

It’s worth noting that there’s also an agent in space in the Audesder COSMOS that hands out a notoriously difficult mission arc that is designed for fleets rather than individuals. Fleet PVE isn’t nearly as much fun as fleet PVP, but it might be worth taking for a spin one day.

If you’re into industry, it would be awesome if you helped manufacture ships for the PINTO War Fleet in Aedald. Long-term, we’re not going to be using corporation-provided ships but instead running a reimbursement program for losses. So, if you do make ships, don’t donate them. Instead put them for sale on the market at a reasonable price in Aedald so that your fellow PINTOnians can buy them, get them blown up, and get reimbursed for the loss.

If you’d rather mine than build things directly, there’s a surplus of relatively safe belts in Teonusude as well as the more dangerous ones in Aedald. There are largish mineral buy orders set up at the Republic Military School station and selling to them will get those minerals used by those with the skills and inclination to build the War Fleet.

I’ve already mentioned the idea of doing cross-region trading between Rens and Molden Heath, but there’s also enough volume and wide enough margins to support a station trading career in the Teonusude-Gelfiven-Gulfonodi triangle if you feel so inclined.

That, of course, is just scratching the surface of what scenic Molden Heath has to offer. See you in space.
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Bah. I need a new computer and a defended thesis.

Note for new players: the Rifter is possibly the best of the cheap frigates, effective in multiple roles. You'll want to try different things, but the Rifter is a good place to start.
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jstyutk: The Rifter isn't king anymore! They did a massive frigate rebalancing to try and make all the T1 frigates roughly equally good as each other. Overall it worked, but the Rifter may have ended up just below the median.

It's a good thing though. More viable ships is more awesome!
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Just defrosted a character I stared, uh, has it been two years ago already? Halfway decent frigate pilot and joined up with the corp.

Probably tomorrow I'll spin up an alt and run him through tutorials and SoE, just to relearn the game mechanics.

This is gonna be so fun.
posted by 7segment at 11:03 PM on February 11, 2013

First ever corp roam was just me and 256. No one else showed up.

But! We know how much it sucks to log in and have no one to fly with. We don't yet have the numbers to maintain 24/7 activity. So we're going to emphasize scheduled roams. Hopefully people can log in at the designated times and get a decent sized gang together.

In the mean time: marvel at all the ships we've lost.
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Thanks for the explanations. It is amazing that people have virtual alliances that they take into a virtual game-space. Mefi has the Plate of Beans Corp., teh Reds have their Test Corp. etc. Is there a name for this phenomena?

Also - good luck to everybody. Enjoy this during your exploration of space.
posted by marienbad at 2:32 AM on February 12, 2013

That was fun. Made it to Aedald. Got blown up a few times. Going back to do more tutorialing and general learning my way around.
posted by Phredward at 7:54 AM on February 12, 2013

I might join you guys in a few days. I'm was looking at leaving my current corp before it attempts yet another half-assed attempt at becoming involved in Sov drama as a serf.
posted by CBrachyrhynchos at 7:59 AM on February 12, 2013

Totally doing this as soon as I get home. Very excited to have someone to play this game with.
posted by downing street memo at 9:51 AM on February 12, 2013

Hey I'm heading to Aedald - Please do not shoot FishBulb Arran!
posted by Mister_A at 9:53 AM on February 12, 2013

Fleet Op 8pm EST tomorrow (Thursday).

Be in Aedald able to fly a Thrasher or, alternately, in any ship of your choosing with a warp scrambler/disruptor (and ideally a shield extender) on it.
posted by 256 at 3:48 PM on February 12, 2013

120 minute edit window: tomorrow (Wednesday)
posted by 256 at 5:04 PM on February 12, 2013

They did a massive frigate rebalancing

I always had a sentimental attachment to the Executioner. I see it's now a far more capable combat ship than it used to be. Sweet.
posted by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow at 6:31 PM on February 12, 2013

I'll play. It may be this weekend before I can get set up in Aedald, but I can help. Maybe a lot. Looking forward.
posted by Broccoli Bear at 10:13 AM on February 13, 2013

We have a wiki!

It would be awesome if everyone would add themselves to the Member Directory.
posted by 256 at 11:59 AM on February 13, 2013

Ok, that was crazy fun. Join us next time!
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I laughed, I cried, I got blown up. Fun indeed!
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Plate of Beans Incorporated now boasts 17 members, with three more confirmed incoming.
posted by 256 at 8:45 AM on February 14, 2013

Whoot, glad to hear it! Let us know when the next lesson/op is and I'll try to pencil it in, late nights (actually about the time we played last time) are best for me.
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Now with fabulous prizes!
posted by ryanrs at 6:23 PM on February 14, 2013

I'm going to give it a go... we'll see how long I last, but will try at least.
posted by edgeways at 4:25 PM on February 17, 2013

PVP Fleet tonight 8pm EST (01:00 EVE TIme). Meet in Aedald.
posted by 256 at 7:14 AM on February 18, 2013

I reactivated my toon from 2004 (!) and will be joining up as soon as this painfully slow mac client download completes. I cannot play on some weekends due to work/girlfriend/home improvement and Real Life is going to (painfully) supersede game play, but I can at least help out with manufacturing. I'm quite good at that.
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We concluded the month of February with 11 kills and 176 losses, with an ISK efficiency of 9.38%.

Fuck yeah.
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