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Old post filter: trying to find a post from within the past two years or so that featured a very weird little game. All I remember was that the animation was VERY high-quality (the game took a really long time to load on the computer I had at the time), and I want to say that the animation for while the game was loading featured a sheep on a hamster wheel.

You were presented a picture of a random thing, and you were given two options for things to do with this thing - and making a choice made the random thing either do something or turn into something, that segued into the next screen and the next choice. And it was a real stream-of-consciousness thing - like, you'd be shown a puppy and a kitten, and if you clicked on the puppy it would poop and run away - and then the poop would be left there and two houseflies would come in, and you'd have to choose which one landed on the poop. Or something equally as bizarre. At some point you could potentially end up working your way around to back where you came in; I want to say one of the random things was a hand mirror.

There were no rules, you were just expected to click and see what happened. The animation was also really, really high-quality. Searching for "flash" hasn't helped, so it probably wasn't flash. what the hell was this?
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Sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Grow/Eyezmaze games, except for the loading screen logo. Grow Ver. 1 specifically gives you a choice between two options each time; the later games tend to have more choices or other mechanics.
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It was a flash. (Actually, a bunch of flashes which chained to one another.) I remember it, but I thought I had downloaded it and I can't find that. Sorry.

It wasn't EyezMaze. And it wasn't Amanita, either.
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Pokeylope, the animation and graphics on the Eyemaze ones are WAAAAAAAAY too crude. That's not them.
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Was it a Shaun the Sheep game? There was an FPP two years ago. There was also a second free STS game.
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I'm pretty sure it's Mitoza.
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It is Mitoza! Thank you!
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Same game, less crap
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Love this!
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What an odd sheep, it has a trunk and tusks!
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it’s not a game, it’s a toy.
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