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I remember there being an AskMe recently about hand-painted signs — specifically (if I'm remembering rightly) about how to learn to paint them. Unfortunately, my search-fu has failed miserably, regardless of search terms I've used. Does this ring a bell?

As I remember, it hadn't gotten any answers after a couple of days, after which it had scrolled far enough back that I didn't keep checking on it.

The latest episode of 99% Invisible is about hand-painted signs, and includes some possibly-useful resources.
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Might be some clues here.
posted by josher71 at 4:38 AM on March 11, 2013

Thanks for posting this, Lexica - I missed that question, and saw the information for that documentary too - but it turns out I may have some other helpful-ish information for that AskMe.
posted by peagood at 5:05 AM on March 11, 2013

I think this might be it. There should be a lot more resources available now than even a few years ago, because there's a hipsterific renaissance going on.
posted by Miko at 6:57 AM on March 11, 2013

You might also want to send inquiries to the American Sign Museum, discussed in this post.
posted by Miko at 7:00 AM on March 11, 2013

This is too weird a coincidence not to mention the latest episode of my favorite design podcast.
posted by Freyja at 5:43 PM on March 11, 2013

Freyja, it was actually something that prompted this post.
posted by Miko at 7:37 PM on March 11, 2013

Coincidentally, The Work Magazine reprint project, which I just made an FPP about has some info on signpainting in the most recent issue.
posted by Harald74 at 6:41 AM on March 13, 2013

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