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Genre name for the glitch/repition video art involving spongebob/sonic Hello, I'm trying to find an old metafilter post that was all about a genre of youtube videos. They were very glitchy, repetitive, I remember Carlton from the Fresh Prince dancing inappropriately to Spongbob videos being shown on the television. Spongebob was a recurring theme in fact. They used a lot of scenes from that cartoon. It was quite dirty, and funny. It had a particular genre name but I just can't remember it and I can't hit the right set of search terms in Google...
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YouTube Poop?
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Yup, that's it. Thank you.
posted by aychedee at 7:01 AM on March 17, 2013

Since that was answered so quickly, does anyone remember a post from the last few years, about an odd independent film with horrible CGI and a trailer so much on the knife-edge of self-parody that there was a debate over whether the project was for real or not? My searching has been useless.
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After Last Season?
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As an additional note, I own After Last Season on DVD, and it is EVERY BIT AS AMAZING as the trailer would imply. I've watched it numerous times and it never fails to satisfy. It's a mesmerizing and actually totally unique cinematic experience -- inept on a level that even The Room or Birdemic can't approach. As bad as those movies are they at least have some sort of narrative through-line. After Last Season does not. It breaks every cinematic rule on such a deep level that it becomes a masterclass in anti-cinema.
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aychedee, here's the actual Metafilter post, btw.
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Thanks taz,

The trailer for After Last Season is certainly... interesting.
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That's exactly it! Thanks!
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According to IMDB, the budget of After Last Season is estimated to have been 5 million dollars.
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Is this the thread for locating old things? Does anyone remember a British kids programme about two kids in an old house, and I think they meet another kid, and at the end, it turns out they are all dead, as they find their own graves?
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If I recall, the recent Food Fight post had quite a long and interesting digression by jharris about After Last Season.
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I could have sworn MeFi was where I heard about another "so bad" movie, this one about an alternative theory of disease as opposed to Pasteur's germ theory. The trailer was great because at one point, the narrator explained that the lead role was played by two actors, but "that wasn't important right now."
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Found it!
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Reading this question aloud to anyone over 60 would probably violate the Geneva Conventions at least twice
posted by herbplarfegan at 12:11 PM on March 19, 2013

I know of people over 60 right here on this Metafilter site who would not be the least bit confused.
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