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I've had it, I'm done.

Callouts for excellence: Pope Guilty, Drinky Die, Malor, Mayor Curley, delmoi, lupus_yonderboy, Meatbomb, AElfwine Evenstar, hippybear, BitterOldPunk, Civil_Disobedient, thsmchnekllsfascists, ioerror, loquacious, Joe Beese, Trurl, Blazecock Pileon, and orthogonality. I may have forgotten some.

Many thanks to the mods for making this site as nice a place as possible. The site just isn't for me right now.

It's a lot of things: The site has certainly shifted to the right over the Obama years. The tendency of certain prolific users (yoink, ironmouth) to keep repeating conservative talking points after they have been refuted rather poisons things for me, as does the willingness of many to justify wrongdoing because it was "their team" that did it.

I may be back in a while, but it's time for an extended break. Time to create things instead of comment on things other people have made. I can always be contacted by email.

I wish you all well in the meantime!
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Take it easy out there, dunkadunc. You're always welcome to crack this account back open at some point if you feel like it.
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