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[Yes, here I go again]
So, now it's album announcements with uninformative links? I realize that there really aren't any more blockbusters that people have been waiting 20years for, at least until Christmas, but do we actually need a replacement?
posted by Su to Etiquette/Policy at 10:45 AM (20 comments total)

Well, sure -- a Replacements reunion would be grand...!
posted by metrocake at 10:49 AM on June 4, 2002

Though I contributed to the discussion, I agree that the link is a poor one. It's not substantially worse than the recent Tom Waits or DJ Shadow threads, however. Most people who appreciate said artists keep track of their "album news", or at least I do.

And frankly, the majority of music snobs attracted by the threads in question probably read Pitchfork, and get their musicnewsfix there.

Not sure how necessary this MeTa thread is, though, Su - people within the thread seem to have self-policed pretty efficiently (and politely).
posted by Marquis at 11:09 AM on June 4, 2002

The Waits post was ideal: a streaming event on the internet. That's neat stuff on the web, is it not?
posted by Kafkaesque at 11:27 AM on June 4, 2002

Su, it seems to me that your MeTa threads are highly subjective. This thread, for instance, grants immunity to those who publicly laugh at funerals. But then, this current thread tells us that album reviews are wrong. Really, Su, perhaps you should maintain some sort of consistency when you post threads to MeTa. YOUR judgment of "good" posts seems to be your only concern when posting threads here, which isn't fair to the rest of us.
posted by BlueTrain at 11:53 AM on June 4, 2002

... a streaming event on the internet. That's neat stuff on the web, is it not?

If you want, Kafkaesque, I can sign you up for the,,, and mailing-lists. You'll get press releases several times a week with all the exciting "streaming events on the Internet"!

Every band and their grandmother are streaming new albums, these days. The only thing that made the Waits post cool was that it was Tom fucking Waits.
posted by Marquis at 11:55 AM on June 4, 2002

Well, sure -- a Replacements reunion would be grand...!

Don't hold your breath.
posted by ljromanoff at 12:00 PM on June 4, 2002

BlueTrain - seemed like Su was being pretty consistent to me. In the funeral thread the point seems to be don't post them here, but since people are going to post them, then don't be surprised if some people want to make jokes about the deceased.

Here again the theme is don't post them here. I'd agree on both counts although I don't know you're going to stop obit threads. That's clearly something people want to discuss. You probably won't stop the album posts either although it's valid to raise the bar and ask "really? how does this warrant a post?"
posted by willnot at 12:26 PM on June 4, 2002

Bluetrain: Please explain the inconsistency you allude to. How exactly does that post, which concerned conduct within already existing threads, relate to this? While I do object to obit threads, that was not the subject of the post, nor even of the resulting discussion. Even your contribution to that discussion wasn't about post quality, so why are you dragging it in here as an example of?

If you wouldn't mind, could you also explain how the Turin Brakes thread, which links their homepage, and then an album page, constitutes a review? The DJ Shadow link points to NME messing themselves because they've got a stream he mashed together for them. In my experience, reviews generally talk about the music involved.

Marquis: The DJ Shadow thread is also linked above. It was no better. But yes, the thread, starting with you, has turned around some. Contrary to common belief, most posts to MeTa don't have to do with getting something deleted, but pointing out flaws. I'm perfectly aware the obit/movie/announcement threads probably aren't going to stop, but like you stated in your comment in the Turin Shroud post: Put some effort into making it interesting. Anybody who cares about the band/movie KNOWS when it's coming out. While someone who doesn't know about them might blunder in and make a discovery(which did, in fact, happen), chances are very much on the other side of that.
The Tom Waits post, on the other hand, could easily have been about the marketing of the album via streaming, which actually would be a decent topic. That's how I understood it. Then the thread became no different than if it had simply pointed to the Tom Waits page at his label, announcing the album was being released.
But that's the fault of the discussion. The post itself was workable, if thin.
posted by Su at 12:39 PM on June 4, 2002

Or, I could have just said, "What Willnot said."
posted by Su at 12:40 PM on June 4, 2002

In the funeral thread the point seems to be don't post them here,

That didn't seem to be the point at all. The point in that thread, IMHO, was "people laugh at funerals, get over it."

My point here is to say that Su, in that thread, appeared to condoned obituary threads because people die all the time. Now, as album reviews tend to become numerous, Su objects to their postings. My dilemma with consistency, obviously, is the subjective nature of what's acceptable. If Su does, in fact, object to obituary threads as well, then I am incorrect. However, from my perspective, it didn't appear that way at all.
posted by BlueTrain at 12:51 PM on June 4, 2002

I found the D.J Shadow and Turin Brakes threads uninteresting but certainly not objectionable.
The Tom Waits threads however were invaluable. 2 new albums from a very well regarded maverick streamed in their entireity for a short time only. I would certainly have missed out if it hadn't been for mefi.
posted by Fat Buddha at 3:04 PM on June 4, 2002

If you want, Kafkaesque, I can sign you up for the,,, and mailing-lists.


Apologies, super music streaming event man.
posted by Kafkaesque at 3:12 PM on June 4, 2002

super music streaming event man

Available in RealTM, Windows MediaTM and QuicktimeTM formats.

Er, no sweat K - wasn't trying to snap atcha.
posted by Marquis at 3:18 PM on June 4, 2002

A foolish ... no, no.
posted by dhartung at 4:38 PM on June 4, 2002

Hmm. PopFilter....
posted by prolific at 5:05 PM on June 4, 2002

Well, sure -- a Replacements reunion would be grand...!

Don't hold your breath.


Twist the damn knife, why don't you!!

posted by jonmc at 5:31 PM on June 4, 2002

So how long before we can suggest a ban on metathreads posted by Su?
posted by dogmatic at 5:32 PM on June 4, 2002

What's the big deal with The Replacements? I wasn't impressed at all.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 8:03 PM on June 4, 2002

File under 'A Matter of Taste' but let the thread be.
posted by yonderboy at 1:57 AM on June 5, 2002

The new Elvis Costello album is very good.
posted by ParisParamus at 6:22 AM on June 5, 2002

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