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Update on this thread: wearyaswater (her trail name is Zag) and Laura (Owl) are doing fine on their thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Yesterday I rode out to Hot Springs, NC to meet Zag and Owl for dinner and a pleasant beverage. This morning we said goodbye as they continue north on the Appalachian Trail. MeFites of Northeast Tennessee and Virginia, I hereby commend them to your care.
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Thanks for letting us know. Good luck wearyaswater and Laura!
posted by zarq at 1:08 PM on April 9, 2013

I've been following zag's blog with interest. Glad they had a nice outing. Good luck Zag and Owl!!
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Zag once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

True fack.
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I'm less than ten minutes from the trail in Afton, VA. If they need anything, I can help.
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She'll be coming within a fair distance of where I am. I peeked at the blog, is there an optimal way to say "Hey send your mail to my PO and I'll deliver it to you?" or something similar?
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FWIW (and it may not be much), I have a friend whose brother works for the USPS along the Trail, and he told me that many hikers visit these rural post offices along the way and pick up provisions they have mailed to themselves and to mail back home things like dirty clothes.
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Did you and/or they go IN the hot springs at Hot Springs? Because they are AWESOME.
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They went for a soak yesterday afternoon before I arrived. By the time I got there our priorities were food, beer and bourbon (in that order.)
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I'm in Williamstown, MA, currently sitting about 3 miles from the Trail. If I'm in town when they arrive, I'm happy to meet them for dinner and a beer or three.
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With a bit of advance notice, I can meet them at the trail in Connecticut with dinner & supplies if that's at all needed. What's the best way to communicate that possibility to our hikers?
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If they make it close to me I promise to be ready with a hose and soapy water before sending them off to pick up their post at Jessamyn's.

I have a friend hiking the AT right now too. If they see a long-haired Filipino guy playing a ukulele, they should say hi. He's half of group Herb & Hanson.
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I used to live in Hot Springs, right where the AT left town on the East side of the French Broad!
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Jessamyn, if you have Twitter, Zag responded to my @ message to her (@hikerzag) as she was leaving town yesterday. I think if you send it soon, she'll probably get it in time to use the information. :)

I also am really enjoying her adventures. She's a pretty good writer, too.
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That is totally cool.
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I've been enjoying her blog as well. I am excited to see Zag's photos as the seasons change.
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I've been following the blog as well and propose she changes her handle to "wearyasswalker".
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Ah! I forgot to tell! As I was unpacking my camping kit from my bike, Zag noticed that I had both a headlamp and a book light. She said, "You really are from Metafilter, aren't you?"
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I've only hiked the AT from NY to Mass - I think this sounds like a dream! My very best to wearyaswater and Laura!!
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