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About 3 years ago, I posted an AskMe comment in a thread that I *thought* started off, "I grew up in Hell." It got a lot of favorites, even recently, which freaks me out a bit because the description of my childhood was so raw. Weird to see people are still reading that thread! I wanted to reference it for this current question, but I could not find it. Can anyone find it? The original thread was really long, and was an AskMe from a man that was engaged to a woman with deep emotional problems. Thanks for your help!
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This one?
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If you look on your profile page, you'll see a search field on the upper right part of the page that says "search activity" which can often be helpful to find things like this. The returns will show posts and comments under separate tabs. Good for when you have a pretty clear memory of an exact phrase or word you used, and a little less helpful when it's vaguer (hm... I wrote something about a "game," or maybe "gaming," or did I say "puzzle," or "RPG"?)
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Thanks! Please mark this "closed."

I did use the search box with my user name and exact phrase with quotes ... and I still needed your help. Thanks!!!!
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Okay; glad it worked out!
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Another way to find a comment that you remember got a lot of favorites is to use the Infodumpster. You can choose the sub-site you want (AskMe) and go down to "comments" and ask it which comments by a given user got the most favorites. It will present you an ordered list.
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