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I just had a comment summarily deleted because it might have been an unpopular opinion. This keeps happening. Thus, I have no reason to participate here anymore as a member. The moderation has now become stifling and schoolmarmish. It was nice while it lasted.
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This was pretty much the definition of early threadshitting as the first comment in the breastfeeding post:

"Wow, way to SCARE THE STRAIGHTS, there. My monocle? Popped! I mean she all but said "DON'T MY TITTIES SHOCK YOU? AREN'T I AN ICONOCLAST?" Look. I get that kids have to eat. But you're doing it to make a point. The same kind of dumb point I would make by wearing a Slayer shirt to some church."

As usual, nobody says that every comment has to be positive and supportive, but popping in as soon as this was posted with an over the top, sarcasm laden, hyperbolic rant wasn't going to lead anywhere but straight into a huge fight with no chance for any discussion to even get off the ground.

And we don't do the thing where you make a Metatalk post then close your account, hoping for a big fight here. This is the place to talk to the community, and if you're not here to discuss, we'll close the thread. If someone else wants to open a Metatalk about this deletion, or another one about community standards and early comments generally, that will be fine.
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