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I can't find the post, but was there one about a serial killer caught in Canada, possibly posted 5+ years ago? It was in a really bad part of town/skid row in Toronto or possibly Vancouver. The thread was vivid in that it had a lot comments of people running into the serial killer, and several accepting a ride from him. One of the descriptions was of his car not having a handle on the inside passenger side door, something that stuck with me.

Can anyone find it? If I remember correctly the actual article about the killer was in an alt weekly or possibly newspaper and it focused on how he focused on the down and outs (prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless) that were likely to go missing. It is driving me nuts.

There were also stories about the bar the killer frequented also having a lot of interesting characters and the serial killer was the least sketchy guy there.

Only thing I'm not that sure about is the city or if it is Canadian, though I'm about 80% sure it is. I want to say the actual killings took place in the 90s? Any help would be appreciated!
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Date With A Devil?
Link to the actual article.

MeFite jokeefe: I used to be a regular at the Classical Joint when I was 18. You could ask for "dark coffee" and they'd put a slug of whisky in it for you. I spent a lot of time hanging around reading carefully chosen books and hoping that the many handsome older men (i.e. in their early 20s) noticed how intellectual I was. Sadly, it seemed none of them wanted to discuss literature at all; they only wanted to give me back massages. At their place.
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That's it! Sweet, thanks!
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No prob, but nine minutes is kinda slow.
Sorry. =\
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don't be so hard on yourself carsonb. 'specially since geoff. actually commented in that post (great comment too!). from time to time i've gone back and reread some of the stuff I've posted in the past and I don't remember writing it at.all.

I hadn't seen the post or article before, so thanks. pretty interesting stuff.
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No prob, but nine minutes is kinda slow.
..cough...yes it is...
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Don't get cocky, BozoBurgerBonanza.
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I will wait around for the time change this November, just so I can brag about beating the -16 minute best answer. I just hope someone posts a good question.
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I find it kind of... chilling... and disturbing that we have a MeFite's name linked above to a serial killer post. I think she knew what she was doing when she posted in the thread, but given the subject, linking to her name here just seems... disturbing.

I suppose it's her business, but my god what a terrible, horrible thing happened just across the water.
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Sassyfras: "from time to time i've gone back and reread some of the stuff I've posted in the past and I don't remember writing it at.all."

Man, I love reading an old post and coming across a comment where as I'm reading it I'm thinking "this poster is a genius, that's exactly how I would have thought about this subject" and then getting to the by line and realizing it's me.
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