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There was a comment that I had seen within the last 2 years(?) that outlined a pretty specific plan for buying a used car so as to maximize value and minimize ripped-off-edness. I've tried to find it and I thought it might be this but it doesn't seem long enough or have enough favourites. Can anyone help me out?

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Yep, that's the one. Thanks!
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One of the all-time great AskMe comments. Technically about buying a new car, but probably at least partly applicable to buying used from a dealer.
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Glad that got cleared up so fast! Now here's a verse...

priest and a rabbi
meet in a bar
the priest says "rabbi,
i'm looking to buy a new car"
the rabbi says
"new Chevy's pretty good I think"
the priest says "thank you rabbi,
lemme buy you a drink"
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And the four-comment curse strikes again.
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Yeah, way past time to close this one up.
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Cause it could get ugly.
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We finally have an answer for fred.
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There was a comment that I had seen within the last 2 years ... Can anyone help me out?

Actually you wouldn't want that comment. I don't think it'd be a good comment for you. I've had people read that comment before, and they were never really happy with it.

I think what you need is a newer comment with less "mileage", something that is up-to-date and more reliable. Sure you may pay a bit more for it, but can you put a price on safety? You'll probably agree that choosing a dirt-cheap option is a false economy, and you don't seem like a "dirt-cheap" person to me.

No, you are a successful person in life and you want a comment that reflects your personality - a comment that's freshly minted and ready to go, with all the modern options and conveniences you deserve. You're not going to cheat yourself with an old comment that will just frustrate you and cost you more to fix when things go wrong - you're going to choose a top-of-the-line comment from a reputable commenter, one that you can take away today and think: wow. This comment is a winner, just like me.

So let's grab your wallet and some ID, and we'll just fill out a few finance forms (they only take 5 minutes, max) and you'll be walking away with a premium comment like this.

And that's Honest quidnunc's quality quarantee. Not a "guarantee," mind you - its a "quarantee". My lawyer says I should make that clear to you. What a fuddy-duddy, right? Ha ha ha! Smart people like you and me, we like to do business on a handshake, we don't need some sissy guarantee. You're no sissy, right? Of course not! Now sign here.
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