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I recall reading something, it was either part of an FPP or linked in the comments, about the different perceptions of men and women who get angry. I can't find it now.

I think it concentrated primarily on pundit types arguing on TV, though it may have had a broader scope. The basic idea IIRC was that although yelling men are seen as impassioned debaters and yelling women as emotional hysterics, in fact yelling men are coming from a place of pure emotion and lack of control, perhaps even more so than the women. It was (I think) essentially saying "wow, these men society says are strong and in control are actually big tantrum-throwing babies." I don't remember if it was a blog post or a magazine article or something else, and searching for it isn't working.

I want to refer to this but I want to a) attribute it properly and b) make sure I have the idea correct in the first place.

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Was it somewhere in the comments on this FPP about the Great British Bake Off? Because I remember there being a lot of discussion in there about the perception of men who show emotion in public vs women who show emotion in public.
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I'm pretty sure that you're not thinking of a comment I wrote, but just in case, I did recently write something very similar to what you describe.
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Why are men so emotional?
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It was the Gloss one. Thank you!!
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Yay, my post!
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Let's close this up then!
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Ok, asked and answered, closing.
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