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It may be that I am the last person to have figured this out, and if so, then I apologize, but I just discovered the lovely customized search engine feature of google chrome to automatically delve through askmefi troves for pearls of wisdom.
Basically, in Chrome's preferences pages, in the manage custom search engines area, I plugged in this URL:
and set up "ask" as the keyword.
Now, in the address bar, I can just type "ask", then Tab, and then whatever keyword, and I get a lovely list of the relevant askmefi pages (see here).
In so many cases, its better than Google!
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So, how was the broccoli?
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Having read this I just discovered that Duck Duck Go! will search the Green with the !amf prefix and the Blue with !mefi prefix. Thanks!
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Good idea! To do this with Alfred, make sure you uncheck the default 'ask' search of (lol), and then add a custom search for AskMe with the URL{query} ... Then a search of AskMe is only a few keystrokes away, even if you don't have your browser in focus.
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You can do the same in Firefox using a custom keyword search.
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Neat! I had no idea you could do this.
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Here are the URLs I use for some other services:

Wikipedia - keyword 'wp'

Wiktionary - keyword 'wkt'

Hoogle - keyword 'hgl'
(Okay, not that many people are learning Haskell, but who knows?)

When you type "wp cats" and go immediately to the wikipedia page for cats you can sometimes get that "whoa" reaction from people. It's fun.
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thanks, I did not know you could do this, I feel like a hacker now. Tks also to benito.strauss
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Even easier is if you right click on the relevant search bar itself, there's an option to add it as a keyworded search engine (both chrome and firefox).

I do it for wikipedia, french wikipedia,, pubmed, and google scholar, but hadn't thought of askme.
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If you want to bring up a really quick QR code (it happens, honestly!), use:|0

Set that to the keyword of your choice and the search string will magically become a QR code. To turn the link to whatever page you're currently on into one, it's easy in chrome to just "[ctrl+L][left arrow][keyword][space][enter]", all quick-like.

There's probably some fancier stuff you can use Google's Charts APIs with in this way. You can also use it for all sorts of RESTful interfaces, in which case your search string would be like "parameter/:other_param" or "parameter1=value1&parameter2=value2" or whatever the expected format is. It can be handy sometimes.
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