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Welcome to the blue, Dean Trippe!
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Yeah, neat!
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Super cool.
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hey, he's plugging and self-linking to sell his own work! burn him, burn him!

oh wait, no. Hey, welcome.
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This seems like a better place to ask, but can anyone else see the full story arc on his site? I only see 10 "pages," and from this review, it sounds like each page in the $0.99 download is actually a square of 4 frames instead of the 2 shown on his site. And for comparison, the UpWorthy abridged edition shows the complete arc.
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flt, I think the download is needed to get the full story. The abridged edition gives you the topic and a general idea but not so much the full story. There is indeed more in the $0.99 download and it is worth it. The medium is perfectly powerful for this story. I'm glad to have it in my e-library. Wish I had it on my Kindle!
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To answer filthy light thief's question, there are now, thanks to the abridged version, THREE ways to read Something Terrible:

1. Download the entire story, including my afterword, for 99 cents.

2. Read the free, abridged version I made in order to get the message of ST out there quicker, as it's easier to share.

3. Read the entire story for free, as a weekly webcomic, which updates half a page every Tuesday.

I was planning on just the webcomic, because I wanted the story to be free, but then I decided I'd make the entire thing available as a download, if anyone didn't want to wait OR maybe wanted to help support me making more comics.

Either way, I hope you enjoy my "secret origin" issue.
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Thank you jbickers for this post without which I probably wouldn't get to know about this comic. Off to buy it!
Thank you Dean Trippe for your message (and for your awesome art!). I was lucky not to be hit by that truck, just brushed with it and was left in a ditch dizzy and disoriented, but the memory of that encounter never leaves me for long.
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