87: Dungeons and Dragons
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Episode 87 of the podcast was recorded on December 9th and runs about 1hr 40min long as we recap our favorite posts from the past five weeks.

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Dink's Song by gorbichov

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Logo designer for a fictitious 90s show

Sew a cat-pee barrier blanket for a bed

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Naming rights for a homeless shelter by missjenny (posted to MeFi)

Decorated lunch bags for my two sons by Presidente de China (example, see also: CrazyUncleJoe's bags)

Automated awkward phrased caution door signs by oulipian (posted to MeFi)

Pizza Clones twitter bot by aparrish

Yo, wassup?

oublio: most popular stuff on the internet by jeddie (posted to mefi)

Writers Blocks by raisindebt

Ad Astra new album by sleepy pete

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Planet Money makes a shirt (some NPR sources for it: 1, 2, 3)

TV: Muppet show megapost, Andromeda megapost

Clickingbad, a Breaking Bad/click game

Libyan plane crash memorial in Niger (on imgur)

How to draw abs on characters

Spelunky kill screen coming up (JHarris spoiler explains all)

The 92nd Street Y video archive goes online (library mention of videos)

Crapshoot episode 6: drinking Joose with Andy Baio

Andy Kaufman's faked death rumors

Clocks: generative art piece

The Amazon Fulfillment center short fiction

Fluid Simulator ascii app

Rest is a luxury for the rich (on being poor), Stiffed tip for a gay waitress

Things no one tells you about losing lots of weight

An optical illusion video (from MetaTalk)

Lovecraftian roguelike-like

Grand Canyon in a rare fog

(frozen skunk, extruded ice)

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Do you close the bathroom door when you're home alone? (cortex's old bathroom habits roundup)

Can you heat up christmas pudding with coins in it?

What have you been wrong about, realized it, and it changed your life?

What are some good tabletop games for 2-6 players?

Advice for a specific driver's license road test in Massachusetts

Looking for new intellectual stand up comedians

corgi post: Meatball on a merry-go-round (corgi tag on MeFi)

Tips on making homemade root beer

What jobs were unique to the Renaissance and Colonial America?

Nerding out over D&D

Carl Sagan's dictation tapes question

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The best post contest for December

Holiday threads: Secret Quonsar gift exchange, gift drive, cookie swap

MST3K Thanksgiving chat

griphus got married!

Improvised menorah

Rock of Ages: Hebrew vs. Christian
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The Nerding out over D&D link points to an unavailable Facebook photo. Is there another link that should go there? Work is slow today and I want to nerd out, too!
posted by m@f at 3:31 PM on December 10, 2013

I swapped it out, try that one?
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 3:34 PM on December 10, 2013

Damn. Dink's Song by gorbichov is so beautiful. Be sure to listen to the end, folks.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 4:16 PM on December 10, 2013 [1 favorite]

Images! Seems like old times.
posted by Cranberry at 4:23 PM on December 10, 2013

Holy crap, two of my posts made the podcast??!?

*listens to first half hour*

Ouch. Okay, Andromeda wasn't that bad for the first couple of seasons. I mean, it wasn't like an instant classic but it did have its moments.

And Lexa Doig. :)

Perhaps I just remember it fondly because I used to watch it every week with a group of friends who spent the hour making hilariously snarky MST3K comments.

I do like cataloging whole tv shows, though. Don't really know why. It scratches an obsessive nostalgia itch, I guess. Have done three in the last month and currently have a few others in the works.

Ah well. Thanks for noticing both posts!! That was a really cool surprise!
posted by zarq at 4:58 PM on December 10, 2013

Just to let you know, this shows in iTunes as:
﹤img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/MeFiPodcast/~4/viVI9_-BePeM" height="1" width="1"/>
instead of
'see notes at podcast.metafilter.com'
It did this for show 79 too, except it had sxhvC4FswMo as the img.
posted by unliteral at 5:14 PM on December 10, 2013

I've watched multiple episodes of Cleopatra 2525, on purpose; it's not like I have any real ground to stand on. And I sort of hate to love to hate Kevin Sorbo's work because he seems like just a nice fuckin' guy.
posted by cortex (staff) at 5:16 PM on December 10, 2013 [1 favorite]

I never truly considered myself a Mefite until I heard cortex and mathowie geeking out over an FPP of mine while jessamyn shook her head in bewilderment.
posted by no regrets, coyote at 5:29 PM on December 10, 2013 [5 favorites]

But it wasn't the roguelike one?
posted by Artw at 5:44 PM on December 10, 2013

posted by oulipian at 6:03 PM on December 10, 2013 [3 favorites]

I was walking home from the grocery store and shouted out loud "Andromeda was in syndication, bitches!"

(I really want to watch some Cleopatra 2525 now.)
posted by epersonae at 6:34 PM on December 10, 2013 [1 favorite]

And I sort of hate to love to hate Kevin Sorbo's work because he seems like just a nice fuckin' guy.

I hear ya. :)

Have actually never watched Cleopatra 2525. Went looking for a clip on youtube and found this.

So... that looks bad. Very bad. But I would watch for Gina Torres. :)

No episodes are available on yt. :P
posted by zarq at 6:51 PM on December 10, 2013

cool! thanks for including me folks! It's raining Florence Henderson, thank you so much for the comment, really appreciate it.
posted by gorbichov at 7:42 PM on December 10, 2013


okay maybe some peace, a moderate amount of peace. Maybe with cheese and crackers
posted by The Whelk at 9:41 PM on December 10, 2013 [1 favorite]

These tweets made me think of that.
posted by Artw at 9:49 PM on December 10, 2013

I didn't engage with your Hannibal Ask thing not because I didn't like the concept but because I still haven't watched it at all and I don't want to be spoiled by humorous resyntheses of character and plot elements.
posted by cortex (staff) at 10:07 PM on December 10, 2013

oh that's your excuse for everything.
posted by The Whelk at 10:13 PM on December 10, 2013

Transcript open!

Pronoiac drubk.
posted by Pronoiac at 11:06 PM on December 10, 2013

posted by wenestvedt at 3:29 AM on December 11, 2013 [1 favorite]



posted by wenestvedt at 5:42 AM on December 11, 2013

My son would like you to know he holds no opinion on Bee Holders.
posted by bondcliff at 5:53 AM on December 11, 2013 [3 favorites]

Argh, I swore I saw study recently about how teens don't perceive web apps as any different from native apps. I think it's the 20-30 somethings that tend to insist on native apps.
posted by ignignokt at 8:35 AM on December 11, 2013

ignignokt, any chance you could dig up a link to that study? Also, great podcast, blah blah, in-joke. Something off-color to top it off! Slink away in shame.
posted by Mister_A at 8:44 AM on December 11, 2013

Meatball just made my day! I missed that the first time around. This place is so great!
posted by marxchivist at 9:01 AM on December 11, 2013 [1 favorite]

Sorry, Mister_A, I searched my stuff, and it turns out to be freakin' anecdata from a coworker. Can't trust me for nothin'! Still, someone should do this study for real. I've seen it, too – kids do not make a big deal out of the chrome around a web app.
posted by ignignokt at 9:12 AM on December 11, 2013

Yeah that would be interesting! For real, I'm going to see if I can get my company to fork over some money to look at that.
posted by Mister_A at 9:23 AM on December 11, 2013 [2 favorites]

Pussy Patrol One: The Meow Mixxxer is real in our hearts.
posted by Artw at 9:14 PM on December 11, 2013

Thank you for the shout-out! This is the closest I will ever come to being mentioned in the Society pages.
posted by griphus at 10:37 AM on December 12, 2013

I think this might actually be the podcat.
posted by beryllium at 12:47 PM on December 12, 2013

griphus: This is the closest I will ever come to being mentioned in the Society pages.

From what I've read of society pages, you wouldn't really want all that. Unless you were really interested in the whole hoopla around "what is griphus wearing" and "what plays did griphus see" and "oh, what in the world was that thing that griphus ate?" They were pretty much TMZ before TMZ, except in a bizarro world where TMZ was also deemed important by upper class people.
posted by filthy light thief at 2:23 PM on December 12, 2013

What's the Hannibal thing?
posted by cjorgensen at 4:44 PM on December 12, 2013 [1 favorite]

Problems From Everyday Life.
posted by The Whelk at 5:17 PM on December 12, 2013 [1 favorite]

D'awww, I was hoping to hear you guys struggling to pronounce my username, but I suppose I can't really ask for much when I spent all of 90 seconds putting an FPP together.
posted by psoas at 6:51 PM on December 12, 2013

posted by jessamyn (staff) at 8:54 AM on December 13, 2013

[ˈsoʊs] (jessamyn's pronunciation), [ˈsoʊəs], [ˌsoʊˈæs], and [ˌsoʊˈɪs] are the four pronunciations that seem halfway plausible to me. If anyone has others I'll happily do a vague attempt at IPA for those also!
posted by beryllium at 9:16 AM on December 13, 2013

That third one's closest, to my knowledge.
posted by psoas at 9:43 AM on December 13, 2013 [1 favorite]

Ad Astra = to the stars. It works with the play's ending. It's also a part of the Kansas state motto Ad Astra Per Aspera, which is why I know it but not really why I used it. I'll let you look that up. Sic transit gloria mundi is from Rushmore.

Thanks for mentioning the EP!
posted by sleepy pete at 10:28 AM on December 13, 2013 [1 favorite]

D'awww, I was hoping to hear you guys struggling to pronounce my username

It's not too late to register pad_kid_poured_curd_pulled_cod.
posted by a snickering nuthatch at 12:23 PM on December 13, 2013

Oh, and in case anyone's ever needed a directory of pronunciation discussions in the podcast transcripts, here you go. (This is probably not entirely comprehensive, even within the realm of already-transcribed podcasts, but I'd like to get back to transcribing! At some point maybe I'll move this over to the wiki for easier expansion.) The * links go to comments by either the user in question, in the case of username discussions, or by someone who sounds like they might know what they're talking about, in the case of non-username discussions, in the podcast threads.

Usernames: 256, abulafa, achmorrison *, alcahofa, ardgedee, avoision, bertrandom, Bulgaroktonos, Chrysostom * (2), curuinor, dacre (2), DarlingBri, dontoine, effugas, elgilito, escabeche *, eschatfische, esperluette, Grangousier, griphus * (2, 3 *, 4, 5), gwint (2), herrdoktor, jardinier, jeresig, jessamyn, jeudi, jjjjjjjijjjjjjj * (2), jontyjago, k8t (2), Kerasia, lewistate (2), marxchivist *, MiguelCardoso, mubba, mykescipark, ocherdraco (2 *), Ouisch, oulipian (2 *), patheral, philipy, Phire, Pronoiac (2), the quidnunc kid, reklus, Rhaomi * (2, 3, 4, 5), rtha, stavrosthewonderchicken, speicus, thomaspark, Toekneesan, vacapinta, vrakatar, wenestvedt (2 *), werkzeuger, xingcat (2), yaymukund, [@I][:+:][@I]

Non-usernames: actinomycetes, bag-vague merger (2, 3), Billy Faier, bonobos, catarrh, chaim, Chicago, Chorie Sicha, corpora, Couch Street and the Dalles, cototient *, dénouement, Dino Stamatopoulos, DIYstro, dystopic, emoticon, GIF (2, 3), harbinger, Houghton, John Scalzi, Kevin Scomsvold, Kibo *, Kiwanis, library, LoseThos, miasma, MeFi (MC Frontalot, Dom, taz, LobsterMitten), MeFight, MeFite, milk, MōVI, Milos Rajkovic, Mukhtar, mythos, paleta, pecan, petrichor, Philobrosophy, Picross, Procatinator, Reykjavík, Rob Beschizza, shibboleth, Toronto *, ukiyo-e, voluminous, Voronoi, Yaquina Bay *, Zdeněk Burian
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Transcription is complete!

As far as culture search engines are concerned, I continue to be astounded by the power of Google to identify and correctly spell the names of locations and cultural phenomena I've never heard of from my super rough attempts to reproduce what I think I'm hearing.

On the other hand, my attempts to reproduce cortex singing with phonemes on a screen* are maybe not very successful but entertain me a bit much nonetheless:
So this one, yeah, this one is (sings) "Rock of Ages, moo nu nu! Sa doo-ba-doo, bada-doo-boo-doo! La-da-da-da-dah, da da da da-da-da dah-dah. Bah da dah! Da ba de dah! Ba dah."
* There are lots of ways to parse this phrase. I especially like the ones with the singing phonemes.
posted by beryllium at 11:08 PM on December 22, 2013 [1 favorite]

The transcript is on the wiki!
posted by Pronoiac at 10:17 AM on December 23, 2013

Added link!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 10:39 AM on December 23, 2013

We need the follow-up about whether or not Jessamyn became addicted to click games.
posted by Going To Maine at 9:53 AM on December 24, 2013

I played Cookie Clicker all the way through to the Grandmapocalypes (or whatever it's called) and then saved my game and haven't been back to it. It's been a week or so.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 9:58 AM on December 24, 2013

Cookie Clicker is slowly consuming my life. Thanks, cortex...
posted by schmod at 11:25 AM on December 28, 2013

Lost a block of time to A Dark Room recently, but after a few days I kicked the habbit.
posted by Going To Maine at 12:04 PM on December 28, 2013

For future reference (as if I should be so lucky to ever get mentioned in the podcast ever again ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!) It's Darling Bri as in Brian even though my name is Sabrina, as in... Brie. It's a long story, but people do actually call me Bri (as in Brian) out loud.
posted by DarlingBri at 12:24 PM on January 9, 2014 [1 favorite]

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