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A few months ago there was a delightful FPP about Boops, and louche mustachio explained that Norma the cat can be summoned for Booping purposes. When Space Kitty reported that it worked on Nosy Parker, louche mustachio commanded everyone to try it. _paegan_ confirmed it worked on a certain "little miss fuzzy pants" (who may or may not be a cat) and titus n. owl discovered that the method worked on parrots. Well, I tried on on my cat Torgo and it's been a non-stop Boopapalooza around here ever since.

We recently had a MeTa asking people about the life-changing advice they’ve gotten here. I thought it would be fun to hear about all the small, happy things that have made a little difference in people's lives.
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I'm not sure if it was here or just a Facebook link, but this water free method for extracting pomegranate seeds worked pretty much perfectly on Christmas Eve.

Thank you somebody.
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I've been wrapping my headphones for a year now and untangling a mess of headphone wire has been excised from my life for just as long.
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I missed boop, but poom brought me much delight earlier this year.

This Ask and its results still fill me with glee, months later.
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Not here for a boop, but you have summoned the foop.
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Not learned on MeFi but to peel garlic: put whole cloves in a stainless steel bowl. Put another bowl over the first, like a hat, not nested, and hold the edges together firmly. Shake like hell for a good minute. Reveal a whole mess of peeled garlic cloves and cook to your heart's content!
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Today I asked for training montage music, and AskMe provided.
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I learned the word bope this week and it's the best word every! This has nothing to do with boop foop poop or poom, but I thought I would share.
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Cooker girl, you COULD have learned it on MeFi!
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that first sound you hear is the Metafilter Miles Davis Tribute Band playing one of its favorites, "Booplicity"

that second sound is Miles Davis boring through the earth to exact vengeance upon us all
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Ha! Yes, KathrynT, I could have! Alas, I learned it in culinary school.
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I tried booping the mirror. I booped myself.
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Don't know about boop. I admit that I have started to poom all sorts of people, but they never quite get it.
Note: Everyone deserves a poom.
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My poor boyfriend has had to put up with a lot of *pooms* in recent weeks, plus this was where I was introduced to the Pet Collective version of Wrecking Ball, so I've been singing "I keep on chasing TEEEEENNNNNIs BAAAAAAAAlls" randomly (and generally at the top of my lungs) to his dismay.
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Did somebody say garlic?

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These are a few of my FA-vorite things....


Lurid Digs NSFW Love seeing nekkid folks in their natural habitats... so funny how different people live

Blurred Lines (Mod Carousel)
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This comment is where I (and quite a few other people) learned that you can continue playing Super Mario Bros. where you left off after dying (more or less) by holding down A when you start the next game.
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It's going on six and a half years now and I still sit when I wipe.
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Um I never saw the cowcowcow before and after playing a few rounds I don't know what's more fun - getting the cow to say "moo" or seeing the dirty looks my fiance is giving me from across the room.
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Hey, I have a cat named Torgo, too!
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I had never seen cowcowcow, but just played it, causing my son to yell "What is happening?!"
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Possibly the best thing ever, I just learned that subbes also has a cat named Torgo!
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I remember first learning about that Mario trick and feeling bad for 2 seconds, and then felt weird that it didn't affect me more. Y AM I NOT CRUSHED

I figured it was 50/50 bullshit but didn't bother to confirm, which is telling because I always check to confirm "bullshit" if I truly think something is bullshit. Then I remembered how the game can be pwn3d in 15-20 minutes through Warp Zones and that I almost always did the 3-1 Turtle Hop to amass an ungodly amount of lives (warping from 1-2 or just playing through) unless I was going for a speed-run-like ass-whoopin' where an abundance of leisurely lives to burn didn't matter. I rarely lost the "speed runs" but liked having lots of lives just in case.

So I'd quickly established a system of having a shit-ton of extra lives (though they never soothe the burn of having no power-ups on 8-4, much like having an abundance of marijuana hasn't curbed my desire to score some blow once in awhile*, which I never do but think about like Mario wishin' he had a shroom in the darkest of worlds). It never really mattered whether or not I could "continue," all that mattered was how good you were at world 8 and whether you brought enough lives to putz around if you got stuck. After a couple of times going through 8-1 as mini-Mario one became the ultimate badass.

I realize that not knowing about the "hold A" trick just resulted in developing a purely badass SMB player, the likes of which the world has seen across many others in my age demographic. I've encountered both of the glitches revealed in that "Guy Teaches Computer to Play Mario with Lexicographic Parsing / Machine Learning" video.

Not knowing that trick made me a Mario Machine. Now I must decide what tricks not to tell my own son.

* No, I don't ever score blow, I finished my last bag nearly a decade ago on my wedding night of all things. But I am moreish and always wistful for more, always amassing what I can get but wishing I could get something else...I think about it when I wish I could stay up all night blowing chronic smoke and drinking because the night is for grown-ups. I stick with caffeine typically

Why am I here
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Someone on MetaFilter recommended the Tangle Teezer for brushing tangly hair, and I'm here to report, it really does seem to make brushing the 8-year-old's long hair somewhat easier. It's not---quite---the advertised miracle, but it's a lot better.
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Nosy can now be summoned for both BOOP and POUM purposes and I'm teaching other cats of my acquaintance to do the same.

It has been just as delightful as you might imagine.
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I'm unsure whether it's a small happy thing or an unfortunate addiction, but Dice Wars has been my go to "need to fill five minutes of boredom at work" game.
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I understood there was a boop waiting for me.

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Oh yeah, dice wars, I must have sunk such a lot of time into that old thing. I still play it sometimes, but once you've played enough games to be able to predict the AI's moves before they happen some of the charm wears off.

Saying that, I'm going to play dice wars now.
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louche mustachio: "MY NOSE IS READY"

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I tried booping the mirror. I booped myself.

If you try and boop the mirror, don't you get pooded?

Don't complain; it's better than tyou'd get without that first d....
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This post neglected artw's boop-testing for science, and even more egregiously, elizardbits's best comment ever about an article.
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Not quite a boop, but a slurp. I may have gotten this off of MeFi, I can't remember, but I go to it everytime I need a laugh.
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I installed Tiny Wings on my ipad this morning and have basically kissed off the rest of the day.
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little kiwi says: MY BOOP MISSED MY NOSE
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Cowcowcow just might be an effective a hilarious way to help people understand the challenges of using a website when you're blind.
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My sister got married this May, and three months later discovered that her husband had been maintaining a serious on-the-side relationship before and during their marriage. A couple of days ago was the first time the family's all been together since then, and she was telling the story of the night she discovered the mistress and kicked the bum out. She was justifiably proud of how she'd held it together in the moment, although, she confessed, "I did try to punch him in the penis. But it didn't work."

"You tried to what? Um, holy shit, hold on. There's a song you need to hear." I run for the laptop.

Mass family catharsis and hilarity ensues. My 62-year-old, Catholic-schooled mother made up choreography, and by the second time through was singing along, punching Mary and Jesus Christ and the rest of 'em. Whatever else Metafilter has done for me (and it's a-plenty), it has ensured that in the boludo family, 2013 will forever be remembered as the year of Punch 'Em In the Dick Christmas.
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I was already pretty sure that I wasn't being attacked by demons in the night despite what my Google search results told me, but it was still nice of AskMe to confirm it. :)
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Torgo was just rolling around on my new rug and I booped him. When he comes down off the ceiling I will try to explain to him the concept of static electricity.
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