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An automated reminder or some way to export the meetup item to iCal/gCal would be helpful. I've actually forgotten about two recent meetups (sorry, all), and am thinking that some form of reminder would be helpful for these kinds of things. All opt-in, of course; wouldn't want anyone being hit w/ spam. Thanks!
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There is an iCal feed on the main IRL page, and also at the top of every thread, so you should be able to add it that way. I also think you can get an IRL iCal feed just for a specific city, though perhaps someone else can give tips on how to do that, since I don't use iCal.
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Ah, here we go: click on the city at the top of a post (see "Home > United States > Oregon > Portland" at the top of this page?), and you will end up at a page like this, where you can suscribe to the iCal feed.

You can also click on the city from the front page of IRL.
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For each meetup, there is an in an individual ics file you can download. There is also a "+googleCal" link that will add the event to Google Calendar for you. Highly recommended.
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Also, there is a feed for my IRL, if you just want the ones that you respond maybe or yes to, regardless of location. I think it might take about 24 hrs for the calendar to refresh (for Google, anyway) after initially adding it.
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I wouldn't mind a memail . . .
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thanks, taz, grouse an' wintrymix! i'm now on my way to becoming a mefi power user.

...just realized that the phrase "mefi power user" is weird. anyway. thanks everyone!!
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