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Can you please help me find an old post about people who at first seemed to have incredible memories, but were later found to be just really self-obsessed?

I remember reading a post who knows how long ago about people who appeared at first glance to have amazing memories (like they could name at the drop of a hat the exact date of any event you could think of, along with what the weather was like that day), but once researchers learned more about these people it was discovered that their memories were no better than anyone else's, its just that they were so self-obsessed that they would chronicle every aspect of their day to day lives and review those records over and over again and end up memorizing the dates of famous events at the same time.

I've tried searching Metafilter as well as googling and couldn't find anything. If you could help me find this post I would appreciate it.
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There’s a post from 2010 ‘about people with superior autobiographical memory:’ is that the one?
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I think that post is related. Searching for "autobiographical memory" I found this post and then this post which was kind of a follow-up, and I think is the one I was remembering. Thanks for your help.
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You’re welcome—I found the first link by searching for comments containing the word ‘memorious,’ thinking there was a good chance the subject would prompt a MeFite to mention the Jorge Luis Borges story Funes the Memorious: I notice the first comment on the post you remembered is exactly that!
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Going through the links, it was this article in particular I was remembering.
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I have a very good memory like that.

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There was a House episode based off of this.
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I have the opposite of that kind of memory. Also a fair amount of self-loathing! Theory supported!
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I am in eternal bliss and refuse to be vilified for possessing an eidetic memory.
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