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Is this post just satire? Or just a display of his humor?

This entire post sounds like satire. Particularly these sentences:
"My girlfriend suggests that ideally I find a job that will take me out of the house for 72 hours or more each week, possibly including nights away. " and

"My personal and joint goal with my partner is for her to do the parenting and for me to be an aide and support, a cleaner, a nurse, a husband, etc. "

Also, his language is weird. In the same sentence, he's got a girlfriend, a partner and a wife. The whole post sort of sounds like a joke.
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It's not the most clearly worded question I've ever seen and it is a bit jarring that way, yeah. But it does present a concrete question I think, i.e. how to deal with the stepson's issue with his sense of humour. Jessamyn addressed the jumble of words a bit in her answer.

So it's not my favourite question ever, but I do think it's answerable, and despite the awkward phrasing in places I have no reason to believe it was intended as a joke?

My question here would be a decidedly humourless one: what do you wish to accomplish with this MeTa? Sorry to be a pain, but while I do see some issues with the question and I didn't personally put it through I would have approved it (or not deleted it, as the case may be) and I think all we can do here is think out loud about OP's motivations, which isn't really a primary use of MeTa.
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I don't think it's fake, just a badly organised, almost stream-of-conciousness, question with lots of different statements and lacking a lot of context to connect the different parts.

Girlfriend/wife/partner is understandable if they are recently married (it takes a while to remember to say "wife"), and "partner" is a catch-all term synonymous with wife/girlfriend anyway.
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Also, goes without saying but we do as mods look a bit sideways when a post looks off, flagging helps a lot with this too. You can always contact us if you have any concerns. But beyond that I feel we kind of have to give any post the benefit of the doubt: perhaps doubly so for anonymous Asks, as the OP has no easy way of defending themselves without revealing their identity.

So to put it more directly: I am inclined to close this, unless there are any pressing concerns that people strongly feel ought to be discussed here?
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Very well, closing this. Questions welcome at the contact form as always.
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