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MeFightClub is playing in the upcoming Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tournament! Want to join up?

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a single-player, traditional roguelike that can be played online either through ssh or on the web. MeFighters have played in previous tournaments, fielding as many as 5 teams.

The 0.14 tournament will start in just under 24 hours (20:00 UTC, April 11th) and will continue until Sunday, April 27th. Here is the MeFightClub thread (login required) if you're interested in signing up. Even though this is a "tournament" we have players of all skill levels participating. If you've never played a roguelike before and are interested, this tournament is a great time to start because of the increased community involvement.

We also have an IRC channel, #octolog on Lunarnet where we talk strategy and see our game milestones announced by a bot. The community there and on MFC is a big part of our participation in the tournament, so I'd really encourage you to drop by if you're playing with (or against) us.

If playing isn't for you, but you'd like to track our progress, then you can do that from the DCSS tournament clan page where all of our teams will show up with an MFC prefix. Also, @OCTOTROG on twitter will be tweeting our wins and, more frequently, our deaths.
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Big thanks to johnstein who has impressively started his own DCSS server: CBRO. A lot of us are playing on his server for the tournament.

Big thanks also to neckro23 who is running the IRC bot, the aforementioned twitter bot, and this cool page which has been tracking internal bi-weekly competitions we've been having over at MeFightClub.
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I understand maybe 40% of the words in this post, and I still desperately wish I could take part, but alas, I am super busy this weekend.
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Good news! The tourney lasts 16 days! So you get THREE weekends to choose from!

Fun fact, I didn't learn how to play crawl until during the 0.11 tourney.

Tournaments are a fantastic way to learn the game since there are so many people playing and watching others playing. Couple that with IRC and the MeFightClub forums and there's a ton of advice readily available
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Yeah, several of us will be away for work, on vacation for the long weekend, or doing random other real life stuff over that two week period. It's a long tournament so no one really expects you to play during every waking moment or anything. The MFC ethos prevails so we're a pretty laid back bunch in general.

Anyone who is interested can feel free to MeMail me if they'd like more information, but aren't yet on MeFightClub.
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There's also an easy-to-remember redirect url -- -- that will redirect you to johnstein's crawl server.
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Hey, I just joined MeFightClub. I'll need to play casual because I'm going on vacation too, but looks super cool. Easy to get on the crawl server too.
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I have a unique set of skills that are probably applicable for this. I've never played Stone Soup, though I've heard of it, but I'll research it tomorrow.

I'm not in MeFightClub, but I'm a pretty laid back dude who plays a mean vidjagame so I'd take more info. My new job has me in the mindset of work hard, play hard!
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We're an exceedingly friendly bunch. To be in MefightClub, all you gotta do is follow this link, take 30 seconds to sign up, and boom: you have a few thousand new friends to play games with, and you are instantly eligible for fabulous cash and prizes†!

†No actual cash or prizes may apply.
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Believe the hype! MFC folks are helpful and pleasant. Thanks, johnstein, for the CBRO server, and odiv & everyone at MFC for the help & friendliness. I'm super thrilled to be taking part in the tourney this time around.
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im starting a disc golf group at my office and i keep having to remind myself that nobody at work knows what "rotato" means.
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I'd love to do this but already have enough going on in my life right now. I hope there's another announcement here next year.

Best of luck, all. May Chei dawdle with you.
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This is why mefightclub is awesome. Well, things like this anyway.
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We've only got about 2 hours to go until the start of the tournament, but changes can be made to rosters all the way up until April 19th, so don't feel rushed to get signed up right away. I'll happily do team arranging as long as people want to join in.
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I have to resist the urge to start crawling to go to a friend's performance art piece... This feels slightly unhealthy, but then, an unhealthy relationship with Crawl is probably how I ended up on the competitive team.
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Woo, won my first game of the tournament! Here's the file.

I'm going to take a bit of a breather from playing for most of tomorrow, so if anyone would like me to spectate their games or whatever let me know. I'll also try to organize whatever teams have yet to coalesce.

It's not too late to join, if you're looking to participate. Drop me a line here or in the MFC thread.
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It might be fun to participate, but I'm afraid my knowledge of Stone Soup is out of date. For example, one of my favorite combos, Hill Orc Priest, is no longer possible as the Priest class has been removed from the game. Word is that the build-a-horde-of-orcs aspect of Hill Orc Priests has been made part of Hill Orcs in general, and you can join up with Beogh, the god that makes horde building possible, by being given an opportunity to Beoghism by Orc Priests encountered in the dungeon, but the one time I've tried it it didn't happen, presumably it's a random chance whether you get offered from a given Orc Priest?
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When you first see a priest you should be given the option yeah, though it may not immediately apparent how you convert. There's some text on screen alerting you to this, but it doesn't stop the game and offer you a y/n prompt or anything. I believe you need to go to the abilities menu with the "a" key and then the option should show up there.

I prefer the change since you're able to play a Hill Orc of any class and still worship Beogh. I think I might try a Hill Orc Fire Elementalist next. Then again I might need a Berserker/Fighter palate cleanser as I'm getting a little sick of casting right now.

Tonight I might try to compile some highlights for the thread. TheNoid had a super close call in the Hells, but survived and managed to pull out a 15 rune win plus the high score for the fighter class in the process.
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I'd encourage you to sign up. Even if you only have time for a game or two we'd love to have you on a team and on IRC. There's space in the latest casual team and on semi-competitive. Since you've played before I'd recommend the latter.
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ODiV mentioned wanting to compile some highlights. I wanted to share my favorite moment of the tournament so far, in case it might entice anyone who's still on the fence to jump on in.

My story isn't epic. I was on the bottom floor of the Lair, which is not known for being especially hard to reach -- in a procedurally generated game, moments of weird beauty can happen with some frequency, is my point.

I found myself in a sort of statue garden. I paused for a moment as a single blue butterfly floated aimlessly and harmlessly among the statues and around my gargoyle character (himself a hybrid of butterfly and statue, one might say). The current version of the game doesn't model character emotionality in any way, leaving it instead to the player's imagination. I went on my way.

A few turns later I was being chased back through the same statue garden by a herd of angry elephants. Over my shoulder, I caused each statue in turn to explode, catching the elephants behind me with broadside after broadside of stone shards.

The game doesn't enforce any reconciliation of these facts -- which might be the same thing as saying it doesn't model emotionality. In any event, these will be my foremost memories of the tournament (unless I can get a win -- the character is still alive)!
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I just lost a really promising character with 2 runes because I thought it would be a good idea to chow down while surrounded by spiders. At least he died doing what he loved.
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