Did I miss something, or does this just confirm the death of print? May 15, 2014 4:11 AM   Subscribe

Has Metafilter actually gone the best part of a day without anyone posting an item regarding the editorial shake up at NYT yesterday? Maybe this is my "no one I know voted for Nixon" moment, but it took up about 50% of my Twitter feed for a few hours immediately following the announcement. On the other hand, this does seem like a topic that might be ripe for administrative deletion due to baggage overloading. Just wondering.
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I live in New York and read the NYT and I still don't get why it's FPP-worthy. I suspect it's not a death-of-print thing so much as it's a specialized-interest thing.
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To answer your question, yes.
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We didn't delete anything on this. Someone may make a good post about it if there are some interesting links that analyze it all, but a "This Just In!" bare-bones sort of thing would not be an ideal post here.

At any rate, we don't want to do the ersatz post thing here, where someones asks why X hasn't been posted, then everyone discusses X in the Metatalk post, so I'm going to go ahead and close this up.
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