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I thought the community might enjoy a brief tale that illustrates my Metafilter dependency

I recently had to unexpectedly find a new apartment, and this somehow turned into a Metafilter group project. I rang up overhauser, who was moving and had already offered me his apartment more than once, to say 'Hey, wait! I need that apartment after all.' He immediately called his landlord and helped me get things arranged on that end. I was telling Hactar about my woes, and without missing a beat he offered up his couch to crash on in between places. He even made me a home-cooked meal the nights I stayed to help me feel better. I e-mailed the NYC Metafilter Google Group for moving advice and got mlis and computech_apolloniajames offering to help me move. They packed, drove, and unpacked, and computech_apolloniajames even used her own car. They didn't seem to mind that most of my contribution involved standing around looking tired and dazed. And now next month I've got unknowncommand moving into the place as the new roomie.

And did I mention that the old place was itself found directly on Metafilter? That move also involved getting a personalized tour of Ditmas Park from mlle valentine. And of course there were the countless commiserations with various other MeFites over beers.

All this may not seem so unusual except that I only just moved here and met all these fine people within the past year and a half.

It all started at the infamous Guy Fieri meetup, which I attended because I was in New York on my birthday alone for a job interview the day after, and I didn't know a soul in the city and why not? I felt very welcomed by the young rope-rider and Hactar at this event, as well as at the first meetup or two I attended after I moved. So I just kept coming and the rest is history.

I suppose I've gained a reputation for being a bit...acrid....both on and offline, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy everyone's company and that the New York Metafilter gang and the meetups have been a big part of transforming New York into a place I now call home. I don't think of you guys as Internet people but as buds.

Now get out of here before I change my mind.
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'Acrid,' huh? Does that mean I can't crash on your couch?
posted by box at 10:00 PM on June 7, 2014

You can, just crack the window. It's always good to hear stories of the MetaFilter community coming together.
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Acrid means you're a real New Yorker.
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Great job, everyone!
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That's so cool! I have successfully avoided psyching myself up into going to meetups until bondcliff, (my secret quonsar recipient this year) held a games night/cookout at his house last week and I had a marvelous time with marvelous people, so I'm not scared of going anymore! Hooray!
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That's pretty amazing. I keep telling people that this site has so many stories like this, and they just refuse to believe me.

Seriously, if any of you are coming to Japan, you should really try to let the Japan mefites know. Pretty much the only time we have mefites in when someone flies in, but we'll do our best to show you a good time.
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Just a reminder that there is no NYC cabal ( cabal meetings are at 8 at the speak, bring your ceremonial beanie and lance.)
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meetups are the bestses
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Awesome. NYC mefites are aces.
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I constantly tell people I would have no social life whatsoever if I had never joined Metafilter. The Chicago Mefites are a wonderful bunch.
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This is the best kind of Metatalk post and mefites are my favorite people. unannihilated, the young rope-rider, though no longer in NYC, was also looking out for you. She let me know about the post you made to the NYC Metafilter Google Group.
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^ What he said.

I really enjoy the company of Mefites and and was fortunate to even have found a BF here.
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Also, what onlyconnect said:

"I met the love of my life at a Metafilter meetup. Go, go, go to your local MeFi meetups!"
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I didn't help at all. But I still would like some credit just for being fabulous and in New York.
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There will be a second call-out thread for the people who didn't help.
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And mlis, no, I did not know that! That was very thoughtful of her. She did let me know you might be able to help, but I felt sort of bad asking, so I didn't.
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I didn't help at all. But I still would like some credit just for being fabulous and in New York.

Same here. I remember that Guy Fieri meetup b/c I hadn't learned about meetups yet. And then I saw a post about it after it was already in progress, I guess here on MeTa, and I was soooooo heartbroken.

Oddly this has not made me attend more meetups.

But enough about me. Nice post, unannihilated :)
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