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Quite some time ago there was a post on ruins that included links to one artist's idea of what an "ideal ruin" would be. The image was a photoshop creation that included a creek flowing through a ruined stone structure. I know this description is very vague, but I'd appreciate it if the description rings a bell for anyone. Thanks.
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Was it this?
posted by Potomac Avenue at 9:27 PM on July 16, 2014

Thanks for the response -- it's been bugging me for some time. I had tried searching on "ruins," "photoshop," etc. and gone through my favorites to no avail.
posted by Quip at 9:36 PM on July 16, 2014

I've gone back and "favorited" your entire post, btw.
Thanks again
posted by Quip at 9:39 PM on July 16, 2014

Sure...those quotes scare me tho', does that indicate you did something sinister to my post? (JK glad I was overloaded on coffee and could help).
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