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With cortex's permission, I am opening a MetaTalk thread to find fellow MeFites on Tumblr.

I got into Tumblr to keep up with various fandoms and other entertainment, but quickly broadened the types of Tumblrs I followed--and the types of posts I made--to include politics, feminism, literary criticism, comics, and who knows what else. I love following the few MeFites I follow, because I can generally count on you guys to bring something to the dashboard that I wouldn't see in my "regular" round-up, but I follow far too few of you, and that's because I don't know who else is there!

If you want to share your Tumblr URL, and maybe a brief outline of what you post/use Tumblr for, this is the thread for you.
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Did you check out those 464 Mefites yet?
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Oh, and I'm at tzikeh.tumblr.com, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.
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Wow, travelswithcats, I didn't know that function existed. Learn something every day!

Still, I think it would be useful to hear from MeFites about what they post to their Tumblrs, or even what other Tumblrs they follow, since that would give anyone who visits this thread a quick guide to some new reading in the way that clicking through and browsing nearly 500 individual blogs wouldn't.
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My wife is not strictly a mefite, though we do love reading human relations askmes aloud to one another. Anyhow, she has a tumblr where she's reviewing every record in my record collection alphabetically. It managed to infuriate a significant chunk of metafilter about six months ago. You should check it out!
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Alex, I'm glad you guys kept that up. I hadn't checked in since the trip to Scotland, but had been meaning to -- it's a ton of fun.
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This is a great idea for a thread! I tumbl as katzenfabrik and I've been seeing and following MeFites over there quite a bit this summer, but more is always better. My tumblr is a mixed bag of pretty landscapes, spooky stuff, sciency stuff, a sprinking of feminism and lgbt issues, and some Avengers/Hannibal/Vampire Chronicles fannish reblogs.
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Who's cortex?
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I post a lot of landscape photography, art, fandom, feminism and some political stuff. For one reason and another I've mostly kept my Tumblr separate from my other online identities, but if you want my Tumblr username, just memail me. Mefites get let in on my secret tumblr codename for free. :D
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Alex, you own a lot of Beefheart. I admire your (and your wife's) persistence.
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I post stuff that I noticed online to chrismear. I also post odd questions from Stack Exchange to Stack Exchange No Context, and run a blog of photos of subtle puns in newspaper headlines accompanied by anime characters sniggering called rondon jo-ku.
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I'm over here. It's not about anything in particular, but I post some fandom stuff (Avengers, Hannibal, more random stuff), art, old advertisements, random stuff that makes me laugh that I want my sister to see, lots of cats and other animals...

It's a random hodgepodge, is what I'm saying.
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This is me. I joined for the Sherlock fandom but will post almost anything that makes me laugh. I also follow and reblog a lot of photography, landscape, and history blogs.

Also, tzikeh, I think you're already following me, so hooray!
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Don't post all that regularly but Fuck Yeah Steely Dan.
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It Can't Be Helped is mine. Follow me and get the gift of sporadic posting about video games and anime, right to your dashboard.
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Mine is Delving the Metadeeps -- cats, libraries, feminism, and more cats.
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Here is mine; I use it to post quotes and short passages from whatever I'm reading. Usually not "inspirational" or message type quotes, just stuff that I find interesting or where I like the writing style. I used to copy them into a notebook or text file before switching to Tumblr.

I would love to find other Tumblrs like this, if anyone knows any.
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My personal tumblr is languishing as I am doing the work one. If anyone is interested in plants and gardening, you can find that via my more recent projects post.
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I only started it recently (and I've slacked and not posted recently, but....

I have a Horrible food review Tumblr:

I'd Like to Buy a Bowel
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This is me, though I'm kinda quiet lately. It's like 90% cats, angry feminist stuff, knitting, and attractive people hitting things and/or being hit by things. Tag cloud also suggests art, abortion, feelings, mental health, music, fandom, food, and effective advertising. Which, I guess, is a relatively accurate cross section of my interests, so...
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I post my photos here. Be warned though, I post sporadically, but I'm making an effort to post more often.
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I think I posted on tumblr last year as DJ Bad Life Decisions.
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Ooooooh this thread is making me break my MeFi hiatus because I want more friends on tumblr sooooooo bad. I am Snarl Furillo and my tumblr is about 1) personal stuff, primarily living in the middle of nowhere, being a crunchy leftie type, figuring out what to do with my life, and having an annoying mental illness and 2) reblogging racial justice stuff, black history and American history, ladies doing sports (especially gymnastics), Gina Torres, Avengers and the MCU and pink flowers.

Come be my friend, I swear I'm really nice and fun!
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I have three.

On The Daily Worm, I try to keep my musical taste from aging by posting a new song every weekday.

On Skelemingo, I post my art progress. Inactive until after Halloween, as I don't want the Spooky Moon stuff I'm working on posted anywhere until then.

On Fogbound, I post art I like.

Oh, and I guess four: I did the 100 Happy Days project on frytopia, but that's gonna be inactive until there's some other project that suits.

And I have no idea why this is my first comment on mefi in a billion years.
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I have a tumble that talks about being a justice of the peace and has sample marriage ceremonies I have done. I have another tumble that just reblogs stuff I put on MLKSHK.
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I'm desjardins over there too. I post mostly cats and gifs and pop culture stuff. You know, the building blocks of the internet.
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> Anyhow, she has a tumblr where she's reviewing every record in my record collection alphabetically. It managed to infuriate a significant chunk of metafilter about six months ago. You should check it out!

Thanks for posting that here, because I really enjoyed her writing when it was posted to the blue and was pissed off at all the sneering negativity in the thread. Plus she got me to listen to the Cars just now and it was a blast. Glad she's still at it!

Oh, and I have no Tumblr.
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Brandon Blatcher: "Who's cortex?"

What's tumblr?
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Here is my tumblr that grew out of an attempt to annoy a fellow Mefite. It was a success. I should do more updates.
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Here is my extremely sporadic tumblr. Featured once as an FPP, even, though reactions were....mixed. I post bad Craigslist photos of apartments. Mind you, this predates that terrible real estate agent photo tumblr (or whatever it's called) that I seem to see posted everywhere...bitterness, I haz it.
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Protip: Tumblr is a terrible place to try and post things that were written in Celtx. I guess it would have been updated more recently if I'd heard from the other guy, though he did produce some really great concepts and roughs which I guess I could post.
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I'm actually partway through a finite tumblr specifically about the things I've learned and enjoyed from my past decade living in DC. (I'm moving to California next month!) I was thinking about posting it to Projects, but here is as good as anywhere.
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tumblr is an obscure image compression algorithm that some are hailing as a possible replacement for the currently-dominant nntp (which is unfortunately difficult to use freely due to licensing problems originating with Ron Rivest), and cortex used markov programming interfaces to invent it.
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I'm thesaminal and it's a total mixed bag.
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I have an account. I never post, seldom read, and don't understand the whole thing. Pretty much like all my social media sites.
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I'm neon collapse. It's all visual inspiration and, what do the kids call it, "curating an aesthetic."
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I'm here, and it looks as if I haven't posted in quite a while.
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Yet another permutation on my forever-accreting fairly secret 27 year project. The images are 100% original content.
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Yay for anything that can actually help me do tumblr better. I've had an account there forever but only recently started doing anything there.

mcmikenamara.tumblr.com hosts logopolis now, which is my "personal" one which is mostly just stuff reblogged from others with occasional journal entries and jokes that won't quite fit in twitter but I need to get out. The stuff I reblog is about 80% from other mefites, but if you're interested in things like this (fairly life changing IMHO) picture of Sigourney Weaver in her high school yearbook, you'll have a decent chance of finding stuff like that there.

The other one I started recently with a flash that has been put on hold I was considering, when it came back from being on hold, putting in Projects because it was inspired by Fanfare is The Many Hats of Laura Holt, which is a collection of head coverings worn by Stephanie Zimbalist on Remington Steele and my light commentary on the hats and this very important (to me at least) 80s feminist icon.

(Truth be told, it is on hold because I was so proud of how the first episode worth of hats turned out that I really want to do the rest right.)
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I highly recommend desjardins tumblr, it's an enchanting nose of golden delicious apple and ginger with a hint of flowers in the background, with subtle undertones of snark. Light and balanced with just the right amount of acidity. Read with cheese and crackers on a hot summer day.
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How I manage to get that link wrong when I copy/pasted it is a mystery for the ages. Corrected link
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I'm thousandhourcloset over on Tumblr (not actually a reference to either THC or being closeted, but a weird in-joke based on a dream I had once.) It's fandom stuff of various stripes, puns, obnoxious pedantry, dogs, cats, etc.
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Wait, hold on about desjardins tumblr. She posts a lot of photos of half naked handsome guys and I can't condone that sort of thing.
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I am at sixfeetsouth.tumblr.com. Topics include space, tattoos, fire, trees, web comics, depressing stuff, jellyfish and rocks.
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My tumblr is TOMORROWLAND where I post photos of bleak landscapes, decaying architecture, and other various and sundry snapshots from the ongoing apocalypse or what have you. I also sometimes update DC Views, where I post pictures of Washington, DC, and Prose of Wikipedia, which highlights the hilarious writing of Wikipedia's editors.
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Tumblr is Reddit or WordPress or Blogger or Medium or Xanga or Quora or Pinterest or Google+ or Myspace or Facebook or Typepad or LinkedIn or Livejournal or or or

Tumblr has no corporate face [which is probably wise] and no default subscriptions so individual accounts which are much like individual subreddits either escape or garner attention.

Tumblr is both sometimes great and sometimes a sewer. Much like reddit. Much like Metafilter.
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My tumblr is short reviews of TV shows. (Different name; I tend to pick a new character for most stuff online.) It's been a bit since I've updated, but there will probably be a lot in a month when the new shows start up. (Even though I didn't get around to summer shows.)
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Mizu's Miscellany for fandom, personal text posts, art, cute animals, fashion, sometimes pretty people, food, rambles, links mostly cribbed from MeFi in the first place, etc.
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I'm anniekoh (real name Tumblr-ing!) where I blog mostly about urban planning, public space, and art. I figure it's a good place to stick all the neat case studies and nifty quotes I've come across as a grad student who READS ALL THE THINGS. Right now I'm reading a lot about indigeneity and methodology.
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Wait, where's the metatalk thread where we all weep/wail/gnasht teeth at the recent conspicuous loss of drinkmasturbatecry.tumblr.com?
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I'm not on tumblr, but desjardins would be my spirit animal if it wasn't already sweaty dog.
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I'm also immlass on tumblr. It's a total mixed bag of fandom, rp-related nerdery, feminism, historical nerdery, and pretty much whatever catches my eye.

I have a second tumblr project but it's on hiatus right now so I'm not really talking about it. If I get inspired to go back, I'll probably add it to my social filter for metafilter.
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I have a Tumblr for my photography hobby at http://discoursemarker.tumblr.com. Hopefully I will get back to posting this fall.
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Here is my fan blog about another mefite. I don't update it regularly anymore but it was a really fun project and he's a good sport about it.
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I'm at rusticetruscan. I recently made it look nicer (read: more like my Twitter account). I also, uh, deleted everything I'd posted and unfollowed a huge number of accounts
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Mine is called One Thing Well. Three posts a day about software that (very roughly speaking) does one thing well. It's not terribly Tumblrish, really, more an old fashioned weblog.

Someone asked a question about it on Ask MetaFilter once, which was very exciting!
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Auto-Logistics is my tumblr about people hauling interesting loads.
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Sometimes posting here but mostly just reblogging stuff for whatever reason or purpose that seems to drift.
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I forgot I had a Tumblr until tonight, but here it is if anyone wants to read several-months-stale fangirling over Agents of SHIELD and Sherlock.
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Wasn't there a Tumblr mocking some of the stupider emails that the MeFi mods received from spammers, etc.? Or did I hallucinate its existence?
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That'd be Thank You For Contacting Metafilter.
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Mine's here. It's a collection of things that spark a sense of wonder, beauty, or insight for me.
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Mine hit the front page here via projects, and appeared to sink like a rock. Oh well, it's Just my stuff.
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fritokal is mine - lots of random fandom (haha) stuff, food I want t make and eat, lots and lots of comics stuff, RP stuff, occasionally assorted other one-off things, some social justice stuff, and once in a while super cute pictures of my kid. Mostly not that last one, he has his own tumblr. ;)
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I basically reblog a lot of Bioware jokes, Tolkien stuff and animal pictures.
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I have a triple Tumblr personality.

Over here is my primary Tumblr, which I consider to be my magpie nest of shiny objects I have accumulated that make me happy and/or interest me and/or make me laugh. The tag cloud on the right should give you some idea - feminism, cute animals in hats, fandoms, gender and sexuality stuff, dinosaurs, skeletons, interesting art, ceophalopods, funny signs, Pittsburgh stuff, books, etc., etc. On Saturdays I post poetry. (Not my own, god forbid.)

Over here is my Hannibal Tumblr, which is 90% actual Hannibal-related stuff, 10% cute animals in flower crowns.

I also possess, but rarely use, the Nopetopus Tumblr, which is, as you might expect, solely pictures of animals or people nope-ing. I don't actively seek content for that one, just reblog stuff as I happen to come across it, so it's ended up being 80% cats nope-ing, 20% Batman nope-ing. I probably ought to go seek a wider variety of nope-ing animals.
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I am here, which is mostly fandom stuff (Longmire, Supernatural, BSG) and an occasional reblog of other light hearted internet crap.
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I started a tumblr to document our cat's propensity to sit on things. It has not been updated in awhile because apparently uploading a photo to the internet is too much work for me.
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I post my art on Tumblr. It's mostly collages and doodles on vintage postcards. I put it up in Projects a while ago as well.
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Oh no, I have too many awesome tumblrs to keep up with already!

Here's mine, awakening from a period of dormancy so it's mostly reblogs at the moment -- fandom-related related stuff, animals, photography (other people's), fiber arts (mostly other people's), the usual.
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Art, history, fashion, and like 70% Hannibal reblogs by volume. (the rest is just pictures of my hair)
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I post my better photography over on Tumblr under klophoto.tumblr.com aka 'There was a phone call for you'. I can no longer remember why I gave it that title, so now it has to stay there forever.
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These are all nice but nothing can fill the hole in my life that is elizardbits' absence from her old tumblr.
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Mine. As my sidebar says, "this is technically an art inspiration blog, but there's been a hostile takeover by cats and fandom and righteous anger." I post a lot of visual art and illustrations and a lot of angry social justice things. And occasional cats. (I have good tags.)
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My randomly-chosen tumblr url is rememberwhenyoutried. It's home mostly to transfeminist stuff, homestuck nonsense, pictures of other people cats, and my crowning achievement, Polar Bear Cafe/The Culture crossover fanfiction.

also lately some moaning about my sinus pain
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I have a tumblr, but I don't want it publicly associated with my real name, which is stupid easy to figure out from my MeFi profile page, so, uh, if you're interested in following me sight unseen, memail me for the url?
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I'm travellingcari there too. A little Broadway, a little museums, a lot of random NYC stuff. I'm not a frequent poster though, although I'm trying to remedy that.
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I'm at kmzh.tumblr.com. Pretty boring, honestly. Mostly just reblogs of Discworld quotes with a smattering of other funny stuff and occasional SJ posts too.
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Here's my tumblr. It's mostly funny stuff and Captain America/MCU fandom stuff (my Bucky Barnes Problem is ongoing and shows no signs of abating, sorry not sorry). I don't post super often, I'm more of a lurker who just likes a bunch of posts and fails to actually reblog much.
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Greyhounds, cute animal reblogs, feminism, concert pics, WWE, bikes. All this and more can be yours at my tumblr.
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Wait, where's the metatalk thread where we all weep/wail/gnasht teeth at the recent conspicuous loss of drinkmasturbatecry.tumblr.com?

I know it's dead, but maybe don't link to someone else's Tumblr without their permission.
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My main tumblr is just a repository for internet trifle, plus I have maybe a dozen others (I don't know why I have so many) including a list of things I don't want you to say (which popped up, rather surprisingly, on the Blue recently) and a very irregularly updated comic thing.
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I know it's dead, but maybe don't link to someone else's Tumblr without their permission.

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I am sorry to see that once again elizardbits' beautiful tumblr has done a runner. Were people just being super jerks to this lovely person and it had to be detonated from space?

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I won't link to it because that seems rude but, you guys know that it's possible to change your tumblr url, right? If you followed a person's tumblr before, and they changed their url, you are still following that person. They just have a different name now, so the link is different.
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I am not on Tumblr so I did not know this.
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I'm on tumblr, but I'm a weirdo who doesn't like looking at the mass conglomerated feed, so I'd just bookmarked the URL of some of my favorite tumblrs instead of following them. :(
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My Tumblr is in my profile, although I can't say there's anything particularly special there, except random fandom stuff--I am so not sorry for how in love with Hannibal I am--queer/gender stuff, and occasional enthusiastic bitching about my mental health issues, which is to say, it could be a little triggering now and then because I'm usually not at those points in a great mood to remember to tag things.
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I'm spiltmilk on tumbler. I reblog stuff. I want to start a blog about me and my autistic son versus the world, but then I get distracted by something shiny. Plus I can't come up with a convincing name.
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so I'd just bookmarked the URL of some of my favorite tumblrs

Even though I'm there, I follow my faves in Old Reader. No shame!
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HeartOfAnvil is a primer for women on how to attain your true, monstrous form. Not really, but it's not safe for non-feminists, and it's pretty tumblresque.
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I post pictures of four-leaf clovers I have found to cloverpatchwork.tumblr.com I'm something of an evangelist about not picking four-leaf clovers so this is my way of sharing the luck with the world. Posts are queued to post daily but they may drop off over the winter if I can't stockpile enough while it's still nice out.
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Elizardbits doesn't want her Tumblr publicly associated with her Metafilter profile anymore, so maybe stop talking about it here, guys? She's changed her URL twice and disabled her MeMail for a reason -- please, let's respect her privacy.
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Here's mine: dosomethingprettywhileyoucan

Mostly just little things from my life.
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I have it on good authority that elizardbits actually never had a tumblr and is in fact just a million ants in a person suit

And if you whisper her name as Venus rises she will shed her skin and once more scatter into the loam
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I run the things magazine tumblr, which is a more random, visual accompaniment to the long-running things magazine weblog (we still call it that), which is the online accompaniment to the long-dormant things magazine print edition. One of the rules of the tumblr is that we don't reblog. Except occasionally from my other tumblrs, the culture engine (car stuff) and Sredni Vashtar (band stuff).
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here's mine.
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At some point I'll get around to updating again, as I have a backlog of terrible cat shirts. But this is not that week.

Also not that week: Seasonal fun. Bookmark me for all your Quonsar needs.
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You would never guess my name on tumblr. There is not much of a theme.

I'd kind of meant to keep snippets and quotes from my tabletop gaming at What Happened At The Game? but I haven't been great about it. Submissions from other gamers are totally welcome.
posted by Karmakaze at 3:56 PM on August 25, 2014

I'm not on tumblr yet but I posted this funny on clyp.it so that's pretty close except audio-ly
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This is me.
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I run overthinking videogames, where I post an interesting piece about videogames every day. Not necessarily stuff I agree with (I think I've covered most opinions on Bioshock Infinite and Mountain, for instance), but interesting.
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This is my photography: Sleepwalk LA. Mostly landscapes, mostly film, mostly LA.

This is my reblog: Found Loose. It was where I was putting cell shots I took, but is now more just concatenated weirdness.
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If you like pine needles employed for typographical purposes or handwritten psychogeographic-poetic musings you might enjoy my art blog, small landmarks.
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I'm Cranky Old Geeky Broad on tumblr - mostly various fandom related things, and whatever I feel fits under my cranky, old, geeky umbrella. Oh, and cats, of course.
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I got all clever and went with angelchrys for my fandom/feminism/whatever else catches my attention blog.

I also run Cheer the F*ck Up Yo, which is mostly cute animals, motivational/nice quotes, and people being awesome.
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I'm tortillaland. It's a mix of pretty typical tumblr stuff. Baby animals, jokes, and the occasional personal post.
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I mostly reblog fandom stuff (MCU and Bioware right now, with a smattering of stuff from smaller fandoms), text posts, jokes, text posts, etc. I'm at scatterdarknessscattersilence. There's also some SJ stuff and cute animals. I also advocate for a Volstagg Food Network show and then yell a lot when it doesn't go viral, get noticed by Marvel, and become a reality.
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I just reblog stuff and occasionally post a scribble from work or the occasional rant.
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I'm juv3nal.tumblr.com it's mostly reblogs. It would be all trippy gifs like this or this if I could find enough I liked, but there aren't so there's some art, animation and video game stuff in there as well.
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I post my photography at here.
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Ohchrischris scraps and daubs collected in haste. Misc images and quotes I mostly reblog for the hell of it all....
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I've only been casually adding people and my queue is full to bursting with awesome things to reblog now!
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My band Feedbacula is on Tumblr (www.feedbacula.com) and my solo project too, allextinctanimals.tumblr.com).
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oh fuck people are actually following me so i have to update now
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I was thinking about this topic last night and how Tumblr is like a site built by someone who scanned my brain, found out all the ways my information processing is broken and or not connected, and then built a site that operates only inside my brain flaws.

I spent 3 months or so trying like hell to figure out how to really use Tumblr - how to interact or talk to people there, how the fuck you post new content, what the tags really do, how to find good Tumblrs to follow, but I eventually just gave up and stuck to reading my dash and reblogging cute things.

So, Hate and Pancakes is my weak-sauce reblog Tumblr. Good-looking actors, cute animals, some art.
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I started - and then neglected - Heck Yeah Uruguay. Devoted to the Men's National Soccer Team. Of Uruguay.

I didn't even get to cover the World Cup shenanigans - of which there were many re: Suarez, as life got in the way.
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Caveat: If you feel that, like me, Uruguayan soccer is just one of the most fascinating things on the planet, then by all means, follow along! Because that's the only thing I talk about there.

It is time for me to do a Christian Stuani Appreciation Post; maybe tonight. And then - oh God - I tackle Suarez.
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Mine is called "Okay. So:" It started as a place to collect topics I've excitedly ranted at my wife about (which tends to come up by her saying "what is [geek thing]?" and I stop and say "Okay. SO:" and do like this with my hands. Now I mainly do bullet point reviews of games I've finished recently, and apparently I reblog Griphus all the time. (Maybe that means we could be pals someday????)
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I am mostly just reblogging stuff, but who knows, I may get crazy and post actual original content someday. I'm banjoandthepork on Tumblr, because I am obviously very creative about user names.
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Mostly reblogs, but I like my name so... miseryconfusion
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I live at randomproxy (as I do most places that are not metafilter). I post, in no particular order of preference: warcraft jokes, my art, other people's art, tattoos I wish I had, dumb gender things, comics, what it's like having some kinda autism spectrum thing but no diagnosis, and bird rhetorics.
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I am on tumblr as ohshitimingradschool and I post cool art, funny text posts, queer stuff, and I am the creator of the bird rhetorics tag, thank you very much.
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linepainter.tumblr.com - old books, old movies, writing, etc.

Going through the links on this page is going to keep me busy for a while.
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So once upon a time I was in a conference call and on the internet and came upon a photo of fundie protesters with signs that had misspelled satan as satin. I needed to test tumblr in the browser I was working on (because it was crashing) and didn't want to see porn at work so I made churchofsatin. It has turned into mostly cat gifs and I use it to read the internets.
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Mine is blushandmumble.tumblr.com, and is mostly my comics and collage postcards with some reblogging of various art & political stuff.
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hi im funnels-launch and i like weird art and memes and anime and yelling about social justice
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I feel dumb - HERE is the correct URL for my Tumblr:

Heck Yeah Uruguay!
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This is me: gnimmelshouseofmaps. I occasionally put art/comics/photography etc. on it.
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I haven't updated in a while, though. I'm mostly on Tumblr to read other peoples'.
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I also run Cheer the F*ck Up Yo, which is mostly cute animals, motivational/nice quotes, and people being awesome.

This will be a nice palliative after checking the Ferguson thread.
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Here's mine
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I have a tumblr too. I mainly reblog feminism stuff, comics, Hannibal/Night Vale/Gravity Falls/etc, and recently ALL JANELLE MONAE ALL THE TIME.
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I'm confused, are you saying Janelle Monae is a flamingo? Like a were-flamingo?
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I'm, shockingly, Deoridhe on Tumblr.
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Hi I'm sarahnade, and my Tumblr is Look at This Little Thing. You may remember me from such podcasts as #52: Llama XRays and #58: 2011 December Awesome Post Contest Results.

But today I'm here to tell you about my other Tumblr, sarahperiwinkle.tumblr.com, where I post... just shit that I enjoy. Shit like trees, flowers, papercrafts, watercolors, and Chris Evans' left eyebrow. Sign up today, operators are standing by.
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homunculus: "I'm confused, are you saying Janelle Monae is a flamingo? Like a were-flamingo?"

For all I know she could be...
Janelle Monae is amazing and important, flamingos in bathrooms are amazing and important. They have a lot in common!
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I'm here.
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sillygwailo.tumblr.com aggregates my likes and faves across the web. If it has an RSS feed or plugs into IFTTT, I send it over to my Tumblr queue by faving it. Maybe I should auto-post my MetaFilter faves there too, hmm.

(Occasional writing goes there too, mostly just how I'm using apps to follow baseball and watch games. And quotes from paper-edition books I'm reading.)
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Oh snap, I lied. I totally do have a Tumblr; I share it with Shepherd. It's We Have Conversations. It's about the weird-ass convos we have as a married couple because when you have two weirdos talk, odd things come out.

It hasn't been updated in a while because we moved to another province mid-summer, but I promise you that we have been jotting down stuff to post, we just need to make the time. WE WILL MAKE THE TIME.
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Mine is here: oddismycopilot.tumblr.com
Books, quotes, queers, cats: Quotes I like from books I've read, book pics, cat pics, lesbian book lists and commentary, memes and commentary on LGBTQ, race, and feminist issues, and miscellaneous.
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Here's mine. A general grab bag that I have managed to keep going for four or so years.

A life more aggregated.
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I'm ecnef on tumblr which is just fence backwards, because I couldn't think of anything witty or original :)
It started out as a way for me to collect quotes I enjoyed from whatever I was reading, but I reblog utterly random stuff. I mainly follow authors, feminist blogs, geeky-nerdy stuff, and cute animals.
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I'm everythingshimmering, and my posts are mostly graphics - so-called "glitch art" from various processes, images coded in Processing, animated GIFs, and auto-posts from my Instagram, which include the above plus occasional photographs.
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Kitteh, please make the time.
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Kebikeç is a blog of quotes and excerpts from the books, from the internets, from whatever I happen to read and want to remember and link to later. It's mainly for my own use, as I found that the physicality of typing these in by hand really helps me absorb the materials better. Also it is super convenient being able to just send the link of a quote when a relevant subject comes up in a conversation with friends instead of clumsily trying to paraphrase "something I once read somewhere about something like this".

Atabase started out as a collaboration between me and my housemates to build a huge collection of any and every image, of and related to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey—and got fairly famous in the social media for a while. The name is a play on words ata and database: "Ata" is father/ancestor/progenitor in Turkish, so Atatürk comes to mean something like "the father of Turks"—a lofty surname the Grand National Assembly of Turkey itself had granted to Mustafa Kemal, and forbidden anyone else from having it. It's impossible to overstate and adequately convey the immensity of the place Atatürk occupies in the politics and history of Turkey to the uninitiated. And the ridiculous ubiquity of images, photos, sculptures, and sayings, and things of and about him—with often hilarious consequences, many of which probably get lost in translation.
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I post a video of someone/a band playing live music (almost) every day. I've been doing it for 4 years now. It usually goes back and forth between early 70s classic rock/americana/singer songwriter stuff and stuff from this year but it's all over the place.

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You can find me at Adventures in Procrastination. I post sporadically, but I really should post more often. Right now there's a bunch of reblogging of hockey stuff, as well as other things I find amusing, and pictures of my pets.
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