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Sometime within the last couple of years there was either a post or a comment linking to a really terrific Soviet cartoon about the difficulties of making a movie in the USSR....

The cartoon had a 50s-70s look to it. It was about a filmmaker who was shooting some kind of historical epic with warriors and a romantic plot and they had to change it in the middle because of censorship, and then there was a long sequence where they were going in and out of all these doors to get approval stamps on their paperwork. It was SO FUNNY and I loved it and I'd like to show it to my mother, who has some health problems and can't really read any more but can watch stuff. Like a silly, I didn't bookmark it when I saw it, and now I can't find it, and I've looked at all the Russian animation posts I could find but still can't spot it.

Does anyone know at all what I'm talking about? OMG, it was so funny.
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This? Taken from Nomyte's post here.

Which I didn't see at the time, and yeah, is super funny!
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That's it! Thank you very much! I've been thinking that my mom would enjoy this so much, and I've shown her all the other animation that I can think of that seems remotely suitable. Plus I wanted to see it again.
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Complete in one video version here.
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This was great (and reminded me how badly out of practice my Russian is [sadface])! Thanks for bringing it up, Frowner, I'd missed it the first time!
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