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I have a long standing league whose ranks have thinned to the point where we may have to bag the season, so I figured that I'd toss it out to the internet at semi-random to see if we could salvage this year (and get some awesome new blood moving forward).

It's a 12 team league, and we could use another eight teams (I'm also more than willing to expand it to 16-20 if there's a ton of interest). Several other MeFites have played in the past. No money, just bragging/taunting rights. Draft is currently scheduled for this evening (10/27) at 8pm PDT. We can move the draft, but then we lose the first week since the season starts tomorrow.

Link to sign up is here.
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Last year I set up a Mefi Fbball league. We only made it to 8 teams but it was fun. You could try politley Memailing the folks in that thread to see if they're interested. That's what I did and it worked out.

I'm in a different league this year cuz I found people who play for money$, but I encourage anyone who liked basketball to sign up--it actually does deepen your understanding of teams and how a season is playing out.
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Combination of polite and little.
ie like this please
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politley - (n). A field where people are polite to one another. polite + ley.
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That's a good suggestion Potomac Avenue. I've moved the draft out to this Thursday at 9pm PDT to give some folks extra time if they want to sign up. I'll politley email some folks from the other thread too... :)
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Why is there never anyone organizing a fantasy Curling league?
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My company really doesn't need me all that much. Of course I can do another league!
posted by acidic at 7:36 PM on October 27, 2014

Is this still open? I tried to join via the link but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm already in another mefi league on Yahoo, so I know my account is working.
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mullac it's still open as far as I can tell, and I see that other folks have joined. I've bumped the number of possible teams from 12 to 20 (there were nine signed up and three waiting to renew from last year that I'm mostly doubtful will, so I'm wondering if they were holding ghost spots). Care to try again?
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I capped the league at 12 teams, one of which is a semi-subtle bye-week. If a real human wants to replace it let me know and I'll kick the bye.
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