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I am trying to find a post on the blue about men who have a penis disorder, something to do (AFAIR) about the urethra not reaching the end. It was in the last few months but a search for penis doesn't find it, although interestingly it did show that "peniscravat," "penisdecorations," and "penisfencing" have been used as tags. Urethra doesn't find it either, nor does genitals. Thanks.
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Was it this?

(In an unbelievable coincidence, I was literally just a half hour ago taking a stroll through the "Critique My Dick Pic" site, and one of the pictures was from someone with a hypospadias penis - which is the medical term for "the urethra doesn't reach the end" - and I tried doing a search for that term after I saw this.)
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This is also a more recent blue post with the tag "genitalia".
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A "hypospadia" search yields this Ask.
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I think jamjam has it. But I did want to point out that if the next guy I date doesn't wear a "penis cravat", I will be sorely disappointed.
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hypospadia - this is it - thanks. Sorry for poit, am pissed as a newt.
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Sabre or épée?
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I can't not pronounce "critique my dick pic" as "critique my deek peek."
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penis beaker
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OK, still not finding it with a search for hypospadia. The article linked in the FPP was to the NYT or similar (again AFAIR). Darn.
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Was it this? Searching google for hypospadias limited to metafilter produces the posts linked here, an additional old AskMe or two and then a pair of intersex posts, with this one seeming the more likely. We've had one or two other intersex posts that I can remember (one about an SPLC lawsuit and maybe something else) and you might be thinking of something linked in the comments there, since that seems the most obvious palce to have been talking about urology.
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Pediacast episode on hypospadias
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new product on the Mefi Mall?

will there be a vaginabracelet
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Penis beaker is really the worst muppet
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Sabre or épée?


Penis Beaker or Krusty the Towel
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Hypospadias is the term most commonly used in the U.S. for this genital configuration. It is in fact an intersex status, though in the "mild" forms, there can be very little variation from the ideal-typical male form, other than the displacement of the urethral meatus to the lower part of the glans. In the more "advanced" forms, the genitals are intermediate in configuration.

If you'd like to read more about hypospadias as an intersex status, feel free to check out my (self-link alert!) blog post here.)
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Okay, I found the article by searching my browser history for hypospadis, and it was a Daily Mail article, but I can't locate the FPP. Thanks for the hypospadia heads up everyone.
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Fantastic blog post, Dr Mew, very interesting stuff, thanks.
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Penis beaker is really the worst muppet.

Uh, umm.
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I agree with marienbad and odinsdream, Dr. Mew, your blog is outstanding!

Your writing is a rare combination of density and great clarity; I've only read the articles on TERFs and hypospadias so far, but I feel I understand each of those topics much better than I did before.

I don't know whether you've looked at the circumcision and subincision rite of passage practiced at one time by some Australian Aborigines (there is a fairly disturbing ethnographic [sic] movie of it out there somewhere), but the subincision part of that gives every male who undergoes it in effect a full-length hypospadia.
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