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So there's a post about the videogame and soundtrack to Stubbs the Zombie. Someone complains about the "dance off" feature. The creator of the game, having joined Metafilter seven years ago but never having posted before, comes to the thread and explains his design choice.
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This is cool, but also makes me wary of being critical of anything for fear of offending someone.

Who am I kidding, I am an insensitive jerk.

Also, that is at least 7.5 years. While I imagine he signed up due to knowing an active MeFite and never got into it but was then later notified by aforesaid friend of the thread, I like to think he was a devoted lurker, just waiting for his breakout chance. After hitting "Post Comment" for the first time he threw a solitary fist pump and shouted 'nailed it!' followed by getting a congratulatory coffee and maybe a donut. Good work, dude of my imagination.
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The game designer of Junction Gate showed up in this FPP, discussing current and planned features, giving some tutorials, and making at least one bug fix on the spot in response to feedback. I'm not a game player at all, but found the interactive process of considering and discussing the feedback really interesting.

This is cool, but also makes me wary of being critical of anything for fear of offending someone.

I've been trying to do better at avoiding being super critical except when something is just egregiously bad because of exactly this. In a lot of cases I suspect the chances of the creator/writer reading the discussion is high, though people sign up to comment less often. I think we've all been the recipient of unthinkingly harsh criticism, and it definitely stings. Sometimes it is deserved, but usually people are trying hard and don't deserve to be raked over the coals for imperfections (that for all we know might have been caused by an editor, say).
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