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Does anyone remember where this is? Some younger writer went to interview Patchett, it was delightful, I think they visited the bookshop. Was it here I found the link?
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Yes! Thank you. I'm just reading her book of essays and wanted to re-read the interview.
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From the interview:
Hale: Why didn’t you enjoy your childhood?
Patchett: I don’t think I enjoyed childhood. I wasn’t child material.

And then they visit two dog parks! Delightful, yes.
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As soon as I saw your question, I knew what you were talking about, although the bit I remembered was "young writer is hungry or thirsty or something, and Patchett shows her human kindness." I liked that book of essays; if you haven't heard Patchett's "Fresh Air" interview, you might add it to your listening/reading.
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