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I didn't do my thesis on anything mefi-related, but I just handed in my master's thesis and I thank you all for giving me a great place to procrastinateread about spiffy things.

I can't work after 60 or 70 hours a week, so I would fire up mefi after the 60th hour and you are a good place for a tired student, because usually you have enough random technical subjects to get me either back to work or to sleep, depending.
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When I saw the "Dissertations Considered as Single Tweets" FPP that had the MeFi Catchphrase "This is why we can't have nice things" as the final payoff, I suspected we had more academic connections than has previously been let on.

So congratulations, curuinor, on your MMF (Masters of MetaFilter)... are you going for an MFD?

and adding to my overabundant mefi merchandising ideas, we do need square stickers just the right size to fit on a mortarboard
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Congratulations! I had to disable my account for the last couple of months of mine because I am so bad (good?) at procrastinating, but I reactivated it right before it was due to post an AskMe begging for help on getting it in and the lovely MeFites stopped me from having a nervous breakdown. The day I handed it in was such a good feeling, so welcome to the other side where you can spend hours merrily following links without a shred of guilt :) Good luck with your results.
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Congrats! I am very thankful that I wasn't very interested in the Internet while I wrote mine!
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You only started firing up mefi after hour 60? I'd have fired up mefi an average of forty-seven times by then. You are the superior scholar, congratulations on finishing.
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Well, you fire it up a couple times before, and the momentum of working keeps you from opening it. That, and hosts.txt. But I write on text editors too fast for that to be a really great deterrent...
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Congreats! That;s congratulations AND Great job.
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Congrats curinor! That's a great accomplishment.
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Great job, everyone!
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Free Joyce Carol Oates!
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The thesis itself was an application of nonlinear dynamical systems stuff from physics (the really old stuff) to augmented reality data, so I guess it sort of fits in the "Quantitative methods have an unexpected use" category. And I am technically a liberal arts major, although my readers were a communications professor who doesn't actually hire any communications students and an applied physicist...
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I barely graduated high school - I don't know how you guys do it. Nearly had a nervous breakdown just watching my daughter get her BA from halfway across the country. Major high fives.
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I also recently finished my master's thesis. All through grad school, even up to now, when I'm halfway through my last class, I've kept thinking in a panic, "When school starts, I won't have time to read Mefi anymore!" But somehow I've managed to fit it in (possibly to the exclusion of sleep, sanity, proper attention to my day job...).
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We were happy to help you procrastinate sleep nights.
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