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If you buy music on Bandcamp and have made your fan page public, what is it? (Mine is Mister Meows, but lives at runciblejones because such things can't be changed.) The MetaFilter CD swaps have demonstrated that many MeFites are into music that's up my ally, and it'd be cool to see what folks are grooving to on a more regular basis.
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Oh huh, I've never interacted with bandcamp enough to know that that was even a thing. Neat.
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As a music buyer, I've been surprised at how much I like Bandcamp; there are times when I've been quite willing to throw a buck or two at a "Pay What You Want" album just because I want to get it into my collection. There's so much weirdness on it; FACT runs a periodic “Best of Bandcamp” that's chock-full of oddball gems.

But who knows - perhaps heavy Bandcamp users are rarer than I realized.
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If it's not totally tactless, I'd like to link to a recent piano piece that's a free download at Bandcamp. The song is also here on Music, but I'm just really really happy with the song+art together and kinda want people to grab it from Bandcamp to get the artwork included.
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Also, bandcamp is among the options for the Social Apps section of your profile page in Preferences, so aside from folks doing jolly sharing and self-linking in here, you can add it there and it'll show up on your user page and in the Social Explorer tool.
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Ha! Social Explorer was the tool that I swore existed but then couldn't find. That's brilliant too.
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Bandcamp is the model every single music service should be looking to for inspiration. Especially in giving artists control and treating them fairly. It's excellent.

I haven't dug into the fan account stuff, but it looks like I have one by default. I'm embarrassed by how sparse it is.
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Yeah - if you buy something, you have one. You just don't have to care about it.
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Ours looks very sparse, which means we should do more. Some Me-fi recommendations in there, though. And follow more bands as well.
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Right up my ally.
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Mine is here. This week I need to merge my accounts because about half of my music is linked to another e-mail address. It'll be good to check out others collections when I do so!
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(If anyone wants a free code of my... "thing", let me know via MeMail, I have a few kicking around left from a promo/friends/reserved for tapes, and will probably only order a new batch of codes next year when the follow-up is released or if a library/bar/cultural hotspot a few miles away from here wouldn't mind having a few codes over)
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Huh, the couple of Kickstarter records I got via Bandcamp (cause I wanted FLAC) are not included.
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doubt you could guess so check it here if you like synthwave and relaxing piano
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I didn't know it was in Social Explorer! I have added it there but it's here for thread purposes.
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Here's mine. There is no discernible theme.
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My solo project is electronic and samply
all extinct animals

My group projects include La Cosa, a rock thing
la cosa

My band with my husband is
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Whoops sorry I read this wrong and I am wrong and wrongy wrong. You can delete me if you want.
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Can we actually get Social Explorer linked somewhere more directly and obviously? (Say, in the Members footer or on the profile page?) I mean, carsonb's 2008 “Forgotten” MetaTalk post is fine, but it's kind of dated.
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This thread prompted me to attempt to update my profile to add another bandcamp thing, but it doesn't seem to let me. I guess three is probably a sensible limit anyway...
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I love Bandcamp like crazy. I believe they are straightforward with their artist payment model and they're clear with their users. I check Bandcamp first for any music I want to buy, at all, ever.

Having said that, my purchases have slowed down lately because I've been using the heck out of my library to catch up on older stuff that's not on Bandcamp. When I get back to exploring weirdo / new stuff ... well, I know where to find it.

[best things I've ever found through Bandcamp were Cloudkicker, All Them Witches (who for some reason took down my favorite album of theirs, Lightning at the Door), Lakutis, Chill Bump, and High Kicks.]
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pb has just updated the list of social apps! Now you can add MixCloud (on the music end, a few other things on a different end) to your profile.
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My one is here.

Slightly peeved that (a) one cannot add free records to one's collection (presumably this is incentive to artists to price their records, giving Bandcamp revenue), and (b) Bandcamp's social discovery options are nonexistent. I'm sure I have friends with Bandcamp fan pages which I'm unaware of. But other than that, I'm a fan of Bandcamp; the ability to get music with downloads in multiple formats including lossless ones gives it the edge over other services, to the point where it irks me somewhat when I have to stoop to Amazon MP3 or (heavens forfend!) iTunes.
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